1. avatar fastfude
    Presumably since this is an EFF site, this applies to US law, and the UK is [url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/may/14/licensing-law-musicians]a bit draconian[/url] by comparison, but there's still some value in the info.[quote:ca6cc7a676]There's a lot of misinformation out there about legal rights and responsibilities in the digital era.
    This is especially disconcerting when it comes to information being shared with youth. Kids and teens are bombarded with messages from a myriad of sources that using new technology is high-risk behavior. Downloading music is compared to stealing a bicycle ó even though many downloads are lawful. Making videos using short clips from other sources is treated as probably illegal ó even though many such videos are also lawful.[/quote:ca6cc7a676]
  2. avatar Nocarsgo
    Cheers for this, really rather interesting. I know very little about UK copyright law, apart from the fact that it's apparently illegal to rip CDs under current law. America has that wonderful fair use doctrine as well, doesn't it?
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    And in Canada, you're allowed to copy albums, because you pay a tax on blank CDs.