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    Acroplane and Ad Noiseam present Movement #4

    MAD EP live (Acroplane, Ad Noiseam)
    MOTHBOY live (Acroplane, Ad Noiseam)
    + a Mad EP v Mothboy soundclash at the end.
    NEZ (Acroplane, Grub)
    DJ Acroplane Recordings

    Live visuals by BEW

    Fri 5th June @ The Menagerie, Belfast
    Admission 7. 9pm - late.

    [b:84c609809c]Mad EP (USA)[/b:84c609809c]

    Iowa native Matthew Peters, a.k.a. Mad EP, originally was a cellist and later a producer of the Chicago Symphony radio broadcasts. He has been creating his unique soundscapes with live instrumentations, found sounds, and field recordings for many years in various studio and performance environments as a founding member of the Manhattan Gimp Project, one half of the hip-hop duo Mad/EQ, resident sound designer for the Psychasthenia Society, and a number of other collaborative and solo projects. His music has been featured on US college and underground stations as well as international radio and web broadcasts. Refusing to be bound to any given genre or style, Mad EP's music traverses the entire spectrum and fuses ambient, hip-hop, hardcore, breakbeat, classical, jazz, and noise into his own brand of funk. His diverse range of live sets have made him a regular performer in many of New York City's clubs and art spaces and his recent releases on Ad Noiseam have garnered resounding critical acclaim worldwide.

    [b:84c609809c]Mothboy (UK)[/b:84c609809c]

    In your more cynical moments you might think that the already overcrowded world of experimental DIY electro needs another knob twiddling home studio dweller like it needs a collection of badly warped vinyl but consider the case of Simon Smerdon AKA Mothboy, a geezer of no little wit and invention. For starters, he's no fresh faced upstart, having been around long enough to amass a not inconsiderable discography and, what's more, anybody who claims he's fairly popular in "awkward chin stroking circles" has to be commended for their healthy sense of perspective. Then again, Mothboy - AKA Aphid Tracks, Glassjawa, Esayes, Jack West and Team Cyphen - is no straightforward electro head, a point that's underlined by the fact that he includes such unchilled, unelectro, un-trip-hop gems as PiL's 'Second Edition' and Napalm Death's 'From Enslavement To Obliteration' alongside more predictable fare like A Tribe Called Quest's 'Low End Theory' and the Beastie Boys' 'Check Your Head' on his list of favourite albums. But then the head scratching eclecticism of Mothboy's taste in listening only reflects the diverse output of this self styled meddler in "alternative dark electro beats".

    Originally from way out west i.e. sleepy Devon Mothboy's musical apprenticeship took the form of stints playing bass in a string of thrash metal, punk and hardcore bands before relocating to London and starting out on the next sharply contrasting chapter in his ongoing musical journey which saw him joining forces with 'dark hoppers' Ocosi. Intruigingly, it's a career path not unlike the one that transformed one time Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris from extreme noise terrorist to Mick Harris the trip hop, electro whizz of Scorn fame.

    [b:84c609809c]So yeh, expect all sortsa quality, bassy live electronics at this. We gots the funk.[/b:84c609809c]
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    Class, Mothboy's new album (if it ever comes out) is superb.
  3. avatar Iso9
    Too right.

    Btw peeps, we're having a 6 month break after July so we can concentrate on shows in different countries for a while...Canada, Germany and England probably. Maybe something in Dublin too.

    So, get your Belfast Bass fix while you can!
  4. avatar Iso9
    Free LP by Mad EP

    Free LP by Mothboy

    Music on the night will be stuff on the dancefloor side of things.

    No more bumps from me Fastfude, promise.
  5. avatar Iso9
    Tonight! Get down early. Should be a busy one!
  6. avatar Iso9
    set times!

    9 - 10 - DJ Acroplane Recordings
    10 - 11 - Nez
    11 - 12 - Mothboy
    12 - 1 - Mad EP
    1 - 1.30ish - Mad EP v Mothboy soundclash
    if there's any time left after that - DJ Acroplane Recordings