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    Well, we kept this one shy to start with, but with our first episode in the bag we reckon we should spread the word about our latest adventure.

    From 11pm Sunday night, taking you through to 1am on Feíle FM, you can catch the new Rudimentary Radio Show.

    Feíle broadcasts on 103.2FM in the belfast area, but if you are further afield you can tune in live via the world wide interweb at www.feilefm.com

    We hope to have archives of the show up on this site for download, so keep an eye out for those.

    So yeah, if you find yourself adrift with some time to spare, gather round your wireless talking box and point the dial our way for a selection of tasty tunes.

    The first show featured music from Quantic, Survival, Donnocha Costello, Calibre, Martyn, Prefuse 73, Mount Kimbe, The Strange Fruit Project, Instra:mental, Boxcutter and plenty of others.

    Check out our site to find out a little more:

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    Please send us tracks and mixes, and we will try to help support you.

  3. avatar nalo
    you'd pick up nothing but noise with that circuit diagram for a receiver.
  4. avatar rudimentary
    Yeah but the lads at Feile have a much more advanced set-up then this little doodle!