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    Soul,Funk and fun!


    Date: 29th May

    Venue: Menagerie

    Time: 9.00pm

    Adm: £5

    Gloriously catchy songs, infectious hooks and dancefloor-delighting beats from the multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, producer and sometime vocalist.

    Flevans began making music in his home town of Brighton using a 4 track cassette recorder on which he’d spend hours looping breaks and hooks to create tracks. It was on the back of a demo created solely using this and a 10 second sampler that Tru Thoughts initially snapped him up, recognizing his innate knack for crafting irresistibly infectious hooks, and commissioning a number of EPs and an album. After a string of sold out 12″ singles, Tru Thoughts released the highly successful ‘Make New Friends’ album in 2004. Combining disco and funk with cut and paste sampling sensibilities and infectious basslines, the album - a collection of Flevans’ EP singles - was instantly likeable and irresistibly danceable. It proved very popular on the so called ‘electric-soul’ scene, with the piano tinged, disco infused “The Notion” scoring a place in the Unabombers’ highly respected Electric Souls Vol. 3 compilation.

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