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    Looking for guitar lessons in Belfast? Normally you'll be charged around 25-30 per lesson but I do it more for the enjoyment of teaching and watching people become great guitarists than for the money. Another thing unique to my teaching is I only ever charge for the one lesson at a time, so there is absolutely no pressure to come back, although everyone I have taught has came back I'm glad to say.

    I'm happy to teach any style of guitar, and to teach acoustic or electric. I've also taught many beginners and would be delighted to teach you even if you don't know a single thing about guitar.

    I play in an up and coming local band The Audiables, who have toured all over Ireland, playing to 1000 people, winning battle of the bands Northern Ireland and gathering the support of people such as Terri Hooley (Undertones founder) and David Holmes (Oceans 11 soundtrack). We have vast experience of recording, tv and radio appearances, and of course live gigs.

    Contact 07791739343
    or email ajm1989@hotmail.com

    or give me a private mail!