1. avatar Charlies Presents
    My first post!
    Pro Evolution Tournament
    X-Box 360*
    Two Big Ass TV Screen's
    Up to 32 entrants

    Charlies Coffee Shop
    Wednesday 27th May after the match.
    Winner gets cash prize.

    We're also showing the Champions League Final on a big screen.

    Should be a laugh.
  2. avatar Cosmo
    how are the teams picked?? are you putting 32 different teams in or can people pick the same teams...
    more than likly be watching the match in the empire but id be fairly interested in this
  3. avatar Nocarsgo
    Ah, it's a shame it wasn't the PS2 version. I can't play the Xbox one :(
  4. avatar Charlies Presents
    [quote:f04d18e77e]how are the teams picked??[/quote:f04d18e77e]

    Well first of all it's an indivual tournament. Teams are picked at random. You can hit random up to 3 times. It'll keep it interesting.

    [quote:f04d18e77e]Ah, it's a shame it wasn't the PS2 version. I can't play the Xbox one[/quote:f04d18e77e]

    I believe the buttons are the exact same. I don't play ps2 but my mates do and they're still coming down.

    We have purchased a SILVER CUP for the winner. Putting ribbons on it now :)

    If we do get 32 people then the first round will be 'first goal wins' to speed it up! Yip that means that your 2 may go down the drain after one minute if your not up to pace. Cruel I know....but awesome fun.
  5. avatar Mardy-Bum
    Aw I really want to play in the pro evo comp but I really want to see PK's and Two Door!!
  6. avatar Nerdlinger
    It's on bitches.