1. avatar richpause
    Heliopause have their new single up online and you can hear it on our myspace page:


    two songs are:
    [b]'moment of recognition' [/b](featuring Grace from Cutaways)
    [b]'mon peu rimbaud' [/b](featuring the ooh's of Albrecht's Pencil and John D'Arcy)

    Have a listen and hope you enjoy.

    We made a special limited run of hand screen-printed cd's in lovely recycled covers but they sold out within a few days. It should be available online soon though for download or we will probably sell cheap to-do cd'r's in the few extra sleeves we have left at gigs.

    Gigs coming up:

    24 May 2009 Ulster Hall Cafe
    17 Jun 2009 Charlie’s coffee shop
    27 Jun 2009 Willowstone Arts Festival
    22 Jul 2009 Victoria Square Dome

    see you at one or 4 :shock:
  2. avatar Stevie Mac
    Echoes of the Common Grounds gig, I swear Mon Peu Rimbaud gives me shivers. Moment is great too - inter-band collabs FTW!
  3. avatar Nocarsgo
    Hot damn. I'll be at the Victoria Square one and the one at Charlie's!