1. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Friday 22nd May The Adventures
    A Plastic Rose
    The Audiables

    Saturday 23rd May The Minnows
    St Vitus Dance
    Shibuya Crossings
    Kitty and The Canopeners

    Sunday 24th May The Sabrejets
    The 3 Tones
    John D'Arcy
    Robert Holmes

    Admission each night 10 Tickets via Black Box Hill Street or its website or on the door on the night
  2. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
  3. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Fantastic night last night A Plastic Rose were awesome and the The Adventures proved why they are still local legends.

    Bring on tonight - can't wait to see St Vitus Dance.
  4. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Last night and what a great line up to end with:


    The3Tones (Undertones Acoustic)

    John D'Arcy

    Robert Holmes

    Another great night last night with Kitty and The Canopeners and St Vitus Dance in top form.
  5. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Just like to thank everyone who came down to the festival; over the weekend.

    All the bands were brilliant and the overall atmosphere in the Black Box was superb.

    Time To Be Proud 2 being organised as we speak for November 09.