1. avatar ToG
    To cut a long story short, I bought a Vox AC30 so i've no need of this. I'm looking to sell it for about 150 odd idealy but i'm open to reasonable offers, 150 seems to be the going rate on ebay (completed listings). There is also a two way marshall footswitch included.

    The Marshall has been gigged a few times, but not by myself and for the past two years of it's life has been confined to a bedroom. There's the occasional scuff mark but nothing major. One of the plastic corners has a crack down it.


    The amp was thought to be broken in that it was very quiet, but when it was plugged in to test it plays just like normal. This may be down to the fact i used a new kettle lead being used i'm not sure.


    Forgot to add, If anyone needs any details just PM me, I should get back to you within a few hours.
  2. avatar ToG
    Just an update to let everyone know how things are going;

    these are about 280-250 new, I'd had one flaky offer for 130 (as in not too committed) and one firm offer for 100 here on fastfude. Just to give you some sort of idea if you wanted a cheap amp.
  3. avatar ToG
    Bumping this again. I've had offers but they dont seem to be going anywhere.
  4. avatar ToG
    For a Quick sale i'm dropping the price i'm asking to 100.
  5. avatar ToG
    Bumping this for the end of june.
  6. avatar ToG
    Amps still for sale.
  7. avatar leonardodafinchy
    I am willing to buy this today (preferably before 3pm). Can you send some contact details?
  8. avatar leonardodafinchy
  9. avatar ToG
    A quick sorry to everyone right now, I've now got to work this weekend so it'll have to be sunday evening or monday night.
  10. avatar darkprince07
    Has this been sold yet....I'll take it for 110 if not. Just asure me that all is working? I'm in Bangor area.