1. avatar palrub
    hey, we're 3 clean-living bandfolk that need 2 people asap to move in. single rooms, downstairs and top floor. ground floor would suit person with alot of baggage, as it's currently being used to house amps, elect., drumkit and guitars.

    gas and elec., paycards, recently refurbished with laminate flooring and all the modcons. all rooms under lock and key, secure rear patio and wireless virgin 50mb broadband.

    we're 21, 22 and 23 and, albiet students, the house is cleaned daily - bin rotas / heating rotas and dishes-as-used. however, we're out gigging minimum 2 nights per week and enjoy socialising so it's not an anti-craic environment!!

    ideally like for 2 friends to move in as opposed to chasing up separate leads, confirming one person here there and everywhere!! fridge freezer, washing machine, hot water at the flick of a switch, televisualnessness and whatnot.

    the catch? currently 4 tenants with 1 moving out in august and due to rent increase we need all 5 rooms occupato.. catch ptII?? we've got a week to confirm with estate agents.

    the house is spotless and a steal, we realy don't want to leave so if you require a viewing or are interested PM me asap. rent is 200 p/m, stranmillis area - sandymount street.

  2. avatar palrub
    could all interested parties please leave a mobile number, page keeps refreshing when i try to reply to PMs.

    have to stress that this tenancy is from sept 1st onwards so would encourage students to have a gander. one year lease btw. thanks. keep 'em coming!