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    Looking to sell the better of my two bass guitars as I just don't play much anymore, and the money is more useful to me at this point in time!

    Guitar is in great condition bar one chip which is photographed below.

    Body Style: SG style bass
    Colour: Cherry
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Pickups: Sidewinder and Mini Humbucker Pickups

    INFO FROM nevadamusic.co.uk

    The Epiphone EB3 bass guitar uses the classic SG shaped body with double cutaway horns to create an awesome looking bass guitar. But it doesn’t end there ... the EB3 produces great tone through its Sidewinder and mini humbucker pick-ups.

    This bass features a long scale neck so it may be worth trying this model first to ensure that you are comfortable with the longer neck. The materials used on the EB3 are of a high quality and use Mahogany for the neck as well as the body, helping this bass to produce a deep, rich tone with masses of sustain.

    The EB3 includes a Sidewinder pickup at the neck position managed by individual volume and tone controls, and a mini humbucker at the bridge position also featuring individual volume and tone controls. The pickups are selected using a 3 way selector switch configured to use each pickup individually or both pickups together.

    [i:ed02af1220]The EB3's are great basses, the neck is great for people who prefer longer scale basses. They look very cool and produce a variety on different tones through the two pickups and variations on pickup selection, making this a very versatile instrument.
    The bass is light when worn with a strap and yet stil feels like a substantial instrument due to the density of the Mahogany used in its construction. Not only does the neck have a nice feel but the traditional SG body lends itself to those who prefer a smaller body shape.
    Epiphone have gained a reputation for high quality instruments, and the EB3 is no exception.[/i:ed02af1220]

    USER REVIEWS FROM harmony-central.com

    Features 9.0 (21 responses)
    Sound 7.8 (23 responses)
    Action, Fit, & Finish 8.5 (22 responses)
    Reliability/Durability 8.4 (22 responses)
    Customer Support 8.8 (5 responses)
    Overall Rating 8.2 (22 responses)



    I'll consider any reasonable offers, PM me! It sells new at £200 quid online these days... more than that in the shops.
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    ah go on!
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    really? not a sniff even? Come on look at it! Its so shiny!
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    anyone even gona chance me an offer? Come on, its great condition, theres hardly a BUMP on it...
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    Ok folks, last chance before i go to Ebay! sure make an offer, see what happens!