1. avatar do the double

    Do the Double comes to McCrackens on Thursday 28th May
    Doing pop/funk/electro/post-punk/rock/dance/hip-hop of all kinds


    BUT! email dothedouble@gmail.com by the day before, with your full name and you [i:fc1b085a52][u:fc1b085a52]will[/u:fc1b085a52][/i:fc1b085a52] be guestlisted, [size=9:fc1b085a52](a confirmation email will be sent out a day before)[/size:fc1b085a52]
    - Note, 1 guestlist spot per email received

    Cheap Fun!
    FREE fun if you like!!!!
    Take Friday off

  2. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Just Bumpin up the Jam here
    This is TONIGHT!!!!
    I promise it'll be alot of fun
    A deadly way to end a day with deadly weather like thon
    I'm going
    Anyone else?..............