1. avatar beckett
    Rudimentary Radio is a new show on Feile FM broadcasting sunday nights from 11pm to 1am, it focuses on Electronic music and anything around the fringes...the mixes below are a good guide to the type of music we are playing. If you are out there and have anything you'd like us to feature, be it your own tunes/mixes whatever, get in touch via info@rudimentaryrecords.com

    So! We’ve two shows under our belts now, and that means three tasty pre-recorded mixes of tunes. It was going to be two as Andy couldn’t find his pen drive. Which led to some panic before show 2. Which we managed to avert. But he found it, so it’s here now! Huzzah!

    Anyway, here are the mixes.
    Rudimentary Radio Mix 1

    30 Minutes of niceness from Rory.



    Rhythm & Sound - Let Jah Love Come
    Nightmares on Wax - You Wish
    Midaircondo - Although I Heard
    Bonobo - The Plug
    Boxcutter - Silver Birch Solstice
    Instra:mental and D-Bridge - Translucent
    A Guy Called Gerald - First Try
    Seiji - Loose Lips
    Rudimentary Radio Mix 2

    30 minutes of tastiness from Andy.


    Featuring the likes of Henry & Louis, Martyn and so on. Dub(step) shenanigans mostly. Proper track list will turn up soon.
    Rudimentary Radio Mix 3

    1 hour of even more niceness from Rory.



    Filla Brazillia - Leggy
    Pepe Braddock - Girl
    Red Astaire - Follow Me
    J Star - No Diggity Bootleg
    Bangers are Mashed - Lets Get It On
    Spiritualised - Come on Baby Stop Your Crying
    Soul Phiction - Ghana Wadadda (Lostmen Remix)
    Fat Freddys Drop - Hope (3 Generations Walking Remix)
    Cinematic Orchestra - Motion
    Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn Remix)
    Andy Stott - Brief Encoutner
    Ramadanman - Humber
    Cedar- Uncertain Journey
    Beckett - Titan Ae