1. avatar the Bruce
    My first post!
    Im selling all this stuff cause I need to get money together to buy a motorbike.

    I got the univox shipped over from America last year and its in good nick for a 40 yr old guitar. Its the same model that Kurt Cobain used to play. Plenty of dings and scratches but hey it still looks good. Can be set up left handed or right handed. Will take 250 for quick sale.

    The behringer bass amp was bought a couple for years ago and is in excellent condition. Cost 200, will take 70.

    The Sitar is left handed which I got from guru soundz last year. It comes with gig bag, new set of strings and teach yourself guitar dvd. Cost near 300 will take 150.

    Pics are availible
  2. avatar thepostboxtheory
    I would love to take the univox.. but i've just bought a new guitar..

    Damn it.
  3. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    Any pics of the Univox?
  4. avatar manversusjim
    Firmly PMd