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    Still Buzzing from being asked to support Snow Patrol in the Odyssey 2 months back, The EZ boys get ready to do a headline show @ Liverpool's Soundcity festival this weekend (22nd May). EZ have had a few false starts over the years but now armed with a load of new material and rumors of an Album in the making there is starting to be a real buzz about them locally and on the mainland. Their debut single "Pretty Face" gained them a slot on Huw Stephen's Radio 1 stage at Glastonbury last year and was song of the week in the Guardian. EZ Headline Animal Disco Live in the Spring & Airbrake on Friday June 19th.

    Some Quotes:

    "A Cracking debut single…fell in love with it the moment I stuck it on my turntable"
    Tom Robinson / BBC 6 Music

    "So catchy. So powerful. One of the most immediate, hook layden tracks I've heard this year."
    Rory McConnell / Radio 1 NI

    "Bursting with fine slices of experimentation. A dislocated epic style of rock that’s capable of being just as moody as their flailing floppy fringes. Right now, you won’t find many better prospects."
    Chris Long, BBC Introducing, In The City 08 Review

    Here is a review of their last gig supporting the Filthydukes in the Limelight



    [size=18:e9aedb7024]GRAND POCKET ORCHESTRA[/size:e9aedb7024]
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    You got your dark times and you got your happy times. We are somewhere in the middle. We write happy songs about not so happy things, with the intention of making the awful seem not so bad. If you feel that we have made the not so bad seem awful then we have failed, and we apologise.
    In 2008, GPO set about turning the Irish indie scene into a brighter prospect Internationally after releasing their debut EP (on RCRD LBL) to great reviews, and featuring on US compilation 'Future Sounds'.
    The band began touring, destroying venues and eardrums in Ireland, the UK and Germany. Their tracks were heard by The Notwist producer, Mario Thaler, who later recorded tracks with the band at Dublin's Apollo Studios. Their latest release 'Ballet Shoes' was a result of this meeting.
    2009 promises to be much bigger, the band have already played at CMW in Toronto and with landmark shows in New York and a German tour under their belt, full UK, European and US tours in the Autumn will lead to further international recognition. GPO have just finished their much anticipated album, set for release in September.

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    FRIDAY JUNE 19th


    DOORS 9pm

    COST £5
  2. avatar returnofthedogs
    EZ will be handing out some lovely goodie bags at this.
  3. avatar SixEventsXposure
    Looking forward to this!!
  4. avatar returnofthedogs
    saw grand pocket orchestra over the weekend in Liverpool's soundcity festival and have to say they have one of the most unique frontman I have seen in a very long time. Check them out!! great stuff!
  5. avatar returnofthedogs
    Check out GPO "Odd Socks" video love it!!

  6. avatar returnofthedogs
    first 50 people through doors receive Animal Disco Live CD which has a track from each band playing. sweet!:D
  7. avatar toejam
    canny chuffin wait
  8. avatar The Limelight

    Doors 9pm

    Panama Kings DJ's 9pm

    Strait Laces 10:20

    Grand Pocket Orchestra 11:10


    Panama Kings DJ's 12:40 to Close