1. avatar Gogs
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/defianceclub]Defiance![/url] presents...
    [size=20:2f352d5c12][b:2f352d5c12]SONIC BOOM SIX[/b:2f352d5c12][/size:2f352d5c12]

    [url=http://www.sonicboomsix.co.uk]sonicboomsix.co.uk[/url] // [url=http://www.myspace.com/sonicboomsix]myspace.com/sonicboomsix[/url]

    Sonic Boom Six return with their third album City of Thieves, the fifth record to be released on their own Rebel Alliance Recordings. Whilst SB6's eclectic punk soundclash staunchly remains far too down-to-earth to ever being described as ‘prog', the album follows the concept of a collection of songs that explore and examine life in a large UK city.

    City of Thieves is built on the bedrock of the band's unique ska-core/hip-hop/jungle hybrid but (in keeping with their original ethos of expanding the boundaries of what a punk band can be) adds dubstep, electro, dub and even glam rock to the mix, all the while retaining the snarling live edge honed by recent tours of the UK, Europe and the US with acts such as Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Bad Brains and Big D and the Kid's Table.

    The first class collaborators involved in the record include production duties by Peter Miles (The King Blues, The Steal), artwork courtesy of Dan Mumford (Gallows, ADTR) and guest appearances from Al Rumjen (King Prawn, Asian Dub Foundation), Robin Leitch (Random Hand), and New York City ska legend King Django (Stubborn All-Stars, Skinnerbox).

    [i:2f352d5c12]"Grand statement time: Sonic Boom Six are, simply, the most exciting live band in the country and will, yup will, own 2009."[/i:2f352d5c12] - NME

    [i:2f352d5c12]"Ska-punk isn't dead, it's just got a whole lot better."[/i:2f352d5c12] - KERRANG!

    [i:2f352d5c12]"The fact is that they represent something the Moosik Indusstree has been seeking out for years, a focussed blast of melody with a backbone of unimpeachable integrity, and they're utterly vital.."[/i:2f352d5c12] - DROWNEDINSOUND.COM

    [size=20:2f352d5c12][b:2f352d5c12]POCKET BILLIARDS[/b:2f352d5c12][/size:2f352d5c12]

    [url=http://www.pocketbilliards.co.uk]pocketbilliards.co.uk[/url] // [url=http://www.myspace.com/pocketbilliards]myspace.com/pocketbilliards[/url]

    Pocket Billiards are a 9-piece ska-punk band from Belfast, who've been about since 2000/2001.

    Their music is a mixture of melodic ska, reggae and dub with fast punky riffs and screamy bits. They're all about having fun and making sure the crowd have even more.

    Pocket Billiards have played many gigs in the past and supported bands such as: Neville Staples (The Specials), The Mad Caddies, The Selecter, Bad Manners, The Slackers, Agnostic Front, Runnin' Riot, Fleas and Lice, Lightyear, Total Chaos and Leftover Crack.

    [size=20:2f352d5c12][b:2f352d5c12]THE LOBOTOMIES[/b:2f352d5c12][/size:2f352d5c12]


    The Lobotomies are a punk band from Belfast, who specialise in serving up raw catchy hardcore that manages to keep its melodic side and be thrashy from start to finish. That's quite a feat. All the songs are nice and fast, with vocals and style ranging from melodic to intense and angry; DIY hardcore punk as it was meant to be.

    With so many shows under their belt they just keep getting better. The Lobotomies can include Mike Davies as a fan, having been played on his Lock-Up show on Radio One. They have also played the main stage at Rebellion 2008, and shared stages with Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Leftover Crack, MDC, Oi Polloi, Citizen Fish and Anti-Nowhere League to name a few, across the UK and Europe.


    [size=16:2f352d5c12][b:2f352d5c12]SONIC BOOM SIX



    10TH JUNE, 2009, DOORS 9PM

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  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Is this for real?!?
  3. avatar Gogs
    Haha, yep, why would it not be? :-D
  4. avatar nicestmaninrock
    Thats a great lineup. I shall be there good sirs
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    It just sounds too good, that is all.

    And the line-up is probably the best possible for this sort of gig. If nothing gets in my way, I shall be there.
  6. avatar exportsimsie
    yep. i'm there!
  7. avatar Gogs
  8. avatar Bones
    Should be a great night.
  9. avatar Gogs
    Facebook event: [url]http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=190289635576[/url]

    Last.fm event: [url]http://www.last.fm/event/1068676[/url]

    Sonic Boom Six have just been confirmed to open the Main Stage :!: at Leeds and Reading festivals in the summer, so this is really the last chance you're gonna get to see 'em play somewhere as tiny as McHugh's.
  10. avatar Gogs
    Are these bumps getting annoying? Sorry.

    Please join our Facebook group, to keep up to date with news about upcoming shows and that kind of thing:


  11. avatar NumberBlack
    Is it £8 on the door as well?
  12. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Turn's out I can't make it to this. By the time doors open I'll already be in Italy.
  13. avatar Gogs
    [quote:8848a64f4a="NumberBlack"]Is it £8 on the door as well?[/quote:8848a64f4a]

    Will be, yeah!
  14. avatar Gogs
    This Wednesday.....!
  15. avatar Daz
    Really looking forward to this!
  16. avatar Gogs

    Lobotomies should be on around 9.20, so get down eaaaaaarly.
  17. avatar NumberBlack
    I started dancing this morning in preparation lol.
  18. avatar exportsimsie
    unfortunately i seem to be fucked for cash so am now unable to attend this prestigious event.

    Have a good one tho. I'm sure it'll be great!