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    Firstly we are playing tomorrow night (Thursday) in the Front page, 8pm, £4. Be there!!!

    This is our EP review by "Promote: NI"

    Track Listing: Happy Daze

    City Girl


    At the Bar


    Northern Ireland can be a strange place when it comes to local music. It takes a lot to be able to stand out from the masses, and creating consistently unique or outstanding music can be tough on the best and most talented of people. When bands do get it right it sometimes seems that they can take to much “influence” from big groups or their American counterparts. What I find ultimately refreshing about Urban Crime Spree is that they seem to lack the want to copycat other bands, instead wanting to create honest music, which is a rare claim to fame in these days. Sure, they are I*ndie. Sure, they play guitars. But it’s not noisy. They produce songs in the traditional sense, catchy, well formed, and memorable.

    Urban Crime Spree’s debut E.P is a five song collection of honest guitar driven I*ndie music, showing off both a knack for songwriting, and the creating of catchy guitar hooks. The lyrics show a blend of carefree summer attitude mirrored by a darker more thoughtful approach. In one song alone – the opener “Happy Daze” has lead vocals singing “The weekend has arrived, and Im going to have the time of my life” alongside “Regret makes you old, and bitterness poisons the people around you” which in the finished product contrasts beautifully. This truly is summer music with an edge.

    Songs ‘City Girl’ and ‘Superstar’ are poppy in nature and showcase the bands ability to write the kind of music you can dance to, with lyrics delivered with speed and precision. “You said you want to be a Superstar, but no one knows who you are” is the kind of simplistic ‘I-wish-I-had-written-that-lyric’ that most bands hope to stumble upon, but never quite do. The standout track of the E.P comes in the form of At the Bar, which is an acoustic jig most associated with bands such as Libertines and their most straight, or the View at their catchiest. It is simply a well constructed acoustic based song, which will certainly breathe a breath of fresh air into their local scene when performed live.

    Overall the E.P does not disappoint its listener with music that they have heard a hundred times over, and if you want to hear a band that writes honest, short but sweet guitar music then you may have found your new favourite band. Whereas it may not be the best idea to go on a literal Urban Crime Spree, it would most definitely be criminal not to give this E.P a listen.

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