1. avatar alex
    I've got my Philicorda up for sale here.

    This is a fantastic analogue combo organ from the 60s.
    Its got three harmonics settings and five voices along with a vibrato setting and an incredible reverb setting.
    It has a few scratches here and there but its in brilliant condition for its age.
    It comes with its original legs/stand too.
    I'm trying to get this sold locally because its big and heavy so postage is a no go.
    I love this organ but its surplus to my requirements and I need a bit of money before I move house next month.

    Looking around the 250 mark. Open to reasonable offers.
  2. avatar Motor Sounds Records
    I would love to get this off you but ain't got no money. If you don't shift it and are prepared to be offered an insulting price give me a shout :cry:

    I know how great these wee fellas are, I've owned two of them in the past and regret selling them, I should've kept one dammit