1. avatar The Fires of Hell
    I havent a clue who he is or what else he's done, but having just heard 'Girls Talk', it's clear he's a hero. Anybody else into this amazing stuff? The haircut alone seals the deal.
  2. avatar Team Horse
    Ah yes, a truly brilliant melody and a great song. The fact I may be able to remember it when it was originally released is neither here nor there! :lol:

    He also had a big hit with "Queen of Hearts" and recently appeared on Jools Holland as his greatest hits had been released again as a reminder. He's playing with Jools in Carrickfergus in August as it goes.

    Anyway, "Girls Talk", one of my all time favourite tunes.
  3. avatar The Fires of Hell
    I just cant stop listening to it. It's pure rock energy from start to finish, and the drum break on the live version DESTROYS. To whit:

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  4. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    the guy's a bloody legend. one of my all-time favourite performers. :smt004
    here's a fine example of his work....

    (interesting fact) this was recorded live on John Peels show in 1968, and Peel got miffed after it was alleged he'd speeded up the tape. i've seen him perform it live twice and it's truly an awesome spectacle.
    worth the £37 just to see him again with Jools Holland.
    and of course....Imelda May :D
  5. avatar theghostofrumble
    a few (well quite a few) years ago i went to a gig in the Ulster hall - it was billed and very badly promoted as a tribute to Buddy Holly (when I say badly promoted the posters even managed to spell dave edmunds name wrong) - and there were about 30 people there - the lineup was Mike Berry, Albert Lee and Dave Edmunds - despite the poor turnout it was a great gig - I'd always liked Dave Edmunds but live he was phenomenal - don't miss him if you get the chance
  6. avatar Andrew
    Dave Edmunds was great on Jools Holland on New Year's Eve. The festival in Carrick should be amazing unless the spides get hold of it.

    Edmunds' albums Rockpile and Repeat When Necessary are well worth picking up, Ciarán.
  7. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Scanning down the discography it looks like "Subtle As A Flying Mallet" will be a mandatory purchase.
  8. avatar Team Horse
    Ha! I knew I'd seen Dave Edmunds play before, did some googling there and was able find out that he supported Gary Glitter at an open air gig in Portrush about 25 years ago (Sweet, The Lotus Eaters and The Bluebells were also on the bill!). I was merely a nipper but pleaded to my bigger brothers to bring me along.

    Feck, I'm old!!! :lol:
  9. avatar gl2200
    [quote:fce30f34ad="The Fires of Hell"]I havent a clue who he is or what else he's done, but having just heard 'Girls Talk', it's clear he's a hero. Anybody else into this amazing stuff? The haircut alone seals the deal.[/quote:fce30f34ad]

    Uncannily enough, at just about the time you were making this post I was annoying the neighbours by playing the [i:fce30f34ad]Girls Talk[/i:fce30f34ad] 7" too loud.

    One of the perfect things about [i:fce30f34ad]Girls Talk[/i:fce30f34ad] is that you get all the good bits of Elvis Costello (him what wrote it) - such as 'you might not be an old-fashioned girl/but still you're going to get dated' - without actually having to deal with the annoying git himself.

    What next? Threads on Fastfude celebrating Wreckless Eric?