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    [b:f60b85333d]***Please note, Club AU this month is taking place as an early show in The Bunker, Lavery’s.***[/b:f60b85333d]

    [b:f60b85333d]CLUB AU VS STATE.IE PRESENTS:[/b:f60b85333d]

    [size=24:f60b85333d][b:f60b85333d]SUPER EXTRA BONUS PARTY[/b:f60b85333d][/size:f60b85333d]
    [size=18:f60b85333d][b:f60b85333d]SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER[/b:f60b85333d][/size:f60b85333d]

    [b:f60b85333d]SATURDAY MAY 23[/b:f60b85333d]
    DOORS 8PM, ADM £5
    SUPER EXTRA BONUS PARTY[/b:f60b85333d]
    Kildare’s 14-legged whirlwind blasted out of leftfield last year to take the [b:f60b85333d]Choice Music Prize[/b:f60b85333d] for their self-titled debut album, with follow-up Night Horses – featuring hip-hop heavyweights Cadence Weapon and Mr. Lif – on the shelves this month. Their breathless gigs bear comparison to [b:f60b85333d]The Go! Team[/b:f60b85333d] – a riot of noise and colour, the seven members bounding around the stage and forcing a reaction. This is a rare chance to see the band up close and in your face on the Lavery’s stage.

    [b:f60b85333d]SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER[/b:f60b85333d]
    Electro cadet Space Dimension Controller (or Mr. 8040, or just Jack) channels a short lifetime immersed in electronica of many stripes, as well as a healthy fetishism of old hardware, to make you party like it’s 1983. His debut album [b:f60b85333d]Unidentified Flying Oscillator[/b:f60b85333d], a free (uh-huh) download from [url]http://www.acroplane.org[/url], shows off the chops he has developed recording all manner of tunes as [b:f60b85333d]RL/VL[/b:f60b85333d], but SDC is an entity all of its own. With a live show full of thudding beats, crisp minimalism, acidic synth lines and even the odd bit of electro-rap, retrofuturism never sounded so good.
    A graduate of the [b:f60b85333d]Red Bull Music Academy[/b:f60b85333d] (like [b:f60b85333d]Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus[/b:f60b85333d] and [b:f60b85333d]TRG[/b:f60b85333d] among others) when it hit Toronto in 2007, Belfast’s Connor Dougan is an electronic producer of rare pedigree. Citing influences from [b:f60b85333d]Squarepusher[/b:f60b85333d] and [b:f60b85333d]Boxcutter[/b:f60b85333d] to [b:f60b85333d]Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry[/b:f60b85333d] and [b:f60b85333d]John Coltrane[/b:f60b85333d], as well as those peers mentioned above, his complex, sample-heavy tunes are food for the ears as well as the feet. And with a dazzling live show featuring live keys and turntablism as well as some nifty laptop trickery, he’s soon to be well established among Ireland’s electronic elite.

    For more information or to arrange interviews contact Kim Barclay at the AU Office on 028 9032 4455 or via kim@iheartau.com.[size=12:f60b85333d][/size:f60b85333d]
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    Aye. This will be clawzz.
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    Tonight! Get your dancing shoes on.