1. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    We're previewing track no. 1 from our next record here:
    It's called "We Are Not The Rolling Stones"
    You're all welcome to come and fill your ears

    There's also all the tracks from our first record up there for a listen
    And, for a wee laugh, we put up videos of an old gig in Oxford from 2004, where my hair looks slightly different, and we had a right old laugh

    Hope you enjoy these, there'll be more from us in the coming months so see ya'll then
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  2. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    he speaketh the truth...
  3. avatar tinpot anto
  4. avatar babyknowsbest
    [quote:086aea0c8b="Ronan Yakuza"]
    You're all welcome to come and fill your ears[/quote:086aea0c8b]
    ok my ears are full of come, now what boss, is this faux mix 20?
  5. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    tis the final mix and master...
  6. avatar Warren Drugs
    The masters that they come to?
  7. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
  8. avatar tinpot anto
  9. avatar yodaISgreen
    cant wait for the rest
  10. avatar nomoreart
    Have to say the songs on the MySpace are absolutely class.
  11. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    [quote:4a11269dfd="tinpot anto"]LOOKS LIKE THE DRUMMER FINALLY GOT A HEROIN PROBLEM![/quote:4a11269dfd]

    That's a filthy lie!
  12. avatar Big Homeless
    good show there. loads a them videos
  13. avatar dubhdavidblack
    My first post!
    [quote:9ecfdf3a36="babyknowsbest"][quote:9ecfdf3a36="Ronan Yakuza"]
    You're all welcome to come and fill your ears[/quote:9ecfdf3a36]
    ok my ears are full of come, now what boss, is this faux mix 20?[/quote:9ecfdf3a36]

    watchit lest I faux you in the ear with the song's throbbing organ.
    pfft! faux mix 20?...[i:9ecfdf3a36]that[/i:9ecfdf3a36] was [i:9ecfdf3a36][b:9ecfdf3a36]soooo[/b:9ecfdf3a36][/i:9ecfdf3a36] last month.... there are so many mixes of this song, we've had to go hexadecimal on its azz :twisted:
  14. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    [quote:531ce0df83="dubhdavidblack"][quote:531ce0df83="babyknowsbest"][quote:531ce0df83="Ronan Yakuza"]
    You're all welcome to come and fill your ears[/quote:531ce0df83]
    ok my ears are full of come, now what boss, is this faux mix 20?[/quote:531ce0df83]

    watchit lest I faux you in the ear with the song's throbbing organ.
    pfft! faux mix 20?...[i:531ce0df83]that[/i:531ce0df83] was [i:531ce0df83][b:531ce0df83]soooo[/b:531ce0df83][/i:531ce0df83] last month.... there are so many mixes of this song, we've had to go hexadecimal on its azz :twisted:[/quote:531ce0df83]

    Ha-ha! Dubh...meet Dominic!
  15. avatar Daithi jasper
    It is rather nice isn't it..
  16. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    I think so...
  17. avatar dubhdavidblack
    gitcher IMRO or whatever stuff registered n' sorted n' what not so it can get spun on air here!
  18. avatar dubhdavidblack
    i hear all the kids are now into 'MDBTCH' and 'Slpppr Giupz LpppSchtK' round yer way... what [i:b060be56d3]is[/i:b060be56d3] the [b:b060be56d3]dark secret history[/b:b060be56d3] of these two groups? And where does this 'Yakuza' ensemble fit into the picture? Why not even a single umlaut?
    Will there be further recorded documentation of this revolutionary period of NI music?

    Is it some akin to, like, the triumvirate of Foghat, Grand Funk Railroad, and Badfinger all just oozing out of an erotic, yet oddly pungent mist? Dare I dream it akin to Air Supply, Daniel O'Donnell, and somebody's toothless great-grannie in an L.A. hot tub 3-way soap rub?

    On the topic of your own forthcoming 'Long-Playing-Recorded-Album' in general...

    I [i:b060be56d3]just[/i:b060be56d3] wish you boys would turn down those noise-adder foot-units you [i:b060be56d3]insist[/i:b060be56d3] on playing perfectly decent guitars through. For goodness sake, even young Phillip has [i:b060be56d3]purposefully chosen[/i:b060be56d3] to add distortolative and screechy Satan-farts to what was once a respectable instrument. Boys, if you have to [i:b060be56d3]shout[/i:b060be56d3] to be heard, your electric guitar hi-fi set-ups are just [b:b060be56d3]too loud.[/b:b060be56d3] And the drummer is going to put out an eye with those sticks and the hitting those metal splasher-disks so hard. Sooner or later, someone is going to get laryngitis or break a nail or a sprained anus even, the way you all have carried on.

    And on this "tumbling stones" number here... the whole sound is wrong [b:b060be56d3]wrong[/b:b060be56d3] [b:b060be56d3][i:b060be56d3]WRONG[/i:b060be56d3].[/b:b060be56d3] This sounds NOTHING like Miley Cyrus or even ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, if you insist on a reference that'll appeal to your 'underground sensibilities'. How do you expect to meet Oprah or get harshly buggered by a Big Record Company if you insist on making records that sound like you're playing live, at say, a stadium in Leeds for example, 30-some years ago, or maybe some stone cottage in Wales, for godsake. And to take an instrument of the CHURCH, an Organ, the lord's 2nd favorite instrument*, and soiling it in your immoral stew of fetid caterwaulings.

    And then, you go flying into the heart of Sasquatch and redneck country with your music to let some [i:b060be56d3]diseased lunatic[/i:b060be56d3] abduct and molest it? What was he [i:b060be56d3]doing[/i:b060be56d3] all that time? It sounds as if the whole band was playing in the same room, at the [i:b060be56d3]same time[/i:b060be56d3] even. And the vocals are like they were recorded in a big wooden room, or something, with a [i:b060be56d3]human[/i:b060be56d3] singer-- hasn't that syphilitic anarchist pervert out in Portland heard of gating and Auto-Tune? It's as if he was [i:b060be56d3]intentionally emphasizing[/i:b060be56d3] the actual rooms you recorded things in! You should have water-boarded him immediately. Since you yourselves recorded it, why didn't you stuff the drums with pillows, and each of you be properly isolated in an anechoic, subterranean vault? Ewww, it's icky when there's leakage between mics! No mic should ever EVER be used in recording, except for the 5 min. it takes to collect the various phonemes needed for the computer to construct a PERFECT VOCAL TRACK And you [i:b060be56d3]still actually use acoustic drums?[/i:b060be56d3]! Are you stuck in the [i:b060be56d3]dark[/i:b060be56d3] ages, or are you high on insecticide or what? [i:b060be56d3]Ding ding!--2009 calling![/i:b060be56d3] GarageBand has [b:b060be56d3]everything[/b:b060be56d3] you should ever use, including guitars and drum loops that've been thoroughly focus-group tested to have peak demographic appeal. Get that and AutoTune. Plus, there'll be loads less cursing and brawling once that slacker-drummer-malcontent of yours goes and gets a REAL job. THAT's how [i:b060be56d3]real[/i:b060be56d3] 'records' are made. THAT is how you'll get those lucrative mall tours.

    And remind me, which one of the yakuzars is the big-lipped, highly strung, underage junkie? Well for fk sakes, if you've got that in the band, then you don't even need to bother with songs, just make sure he's the front-man. The rest of you focus on Pilates and Tai Chi and finding the [i:b060be56d3]very[/i:b060be56d3] best team of stylists you can. Rule of thumb: pick the ones with the most improbable names and accents. When in doubt, pick the one wearing jodhpurs and a mesh top. Yes, I know that's how you picked the Portland guy to mix it, but that rule doesn't apply to technicians or musicians, just hair/makeup/wardrobe & choreographers-- the [i:b060be56d3]artists[/i:b060be56d3] in the project. You know nowadays, you can get cheap third-world sweatshops & child prison labor to manufacture your whole album, and you all just mime sexily along.

    crap i knew i should've logged off hours ago.

    dear god....quick your task is to use "L.A. hot tub 3-way soap rub" as a title and write a song around it. Hmm and probably 'Sprained Anus' as well.

    [size=9:b060be56d3]*the Lord's very favorite instrument is, of course, a tie between the contra-basoon, Theremin, and hurdy-gurdy.[/size:b060be56d3]

    yeah... 'nite. we shall never speak of this night again.[code:1:b060be56d3][/code:1:b060be56d3]
  19. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    awesome, I think we have our sleevenotes!