1. avatar kimbarclay
    Three lovely bands in the form of [b:f54393084b]Chrome Horse, The Vires[/b:f54393084b] and [b:f54393084b]The Alice Kona Band[/b:f54393084b] grace the Attic stage this weekend for your pleasure.
    As well as the bands in the Attic, the other two rooms are also thrown in to further satisfy your Saturday night needs. So don't forget to check out the [b:f54393084b]FAUX[/b:f54393084b] guys in the Ballroom in-between the bands as well as [b:f54393084b]Gregz McCann[/b:f54393084b] down in the bunker.
    All for 5.
    [b:f54393084b]SWEET DEAL[/b:f54393084b]
    Click on the lovely names of all the bands to check out their music.
  2. avatar JonnyTiernan
    I'm looking forward to seeing The Alice Kona Band. It's their debut gig and I'm expecting big things.