1. avatar clivemcl
    The camera i'm selling is not an SLR, the difference being that the lens is fixed (you can't change to a different lens). In saying that, this camera is not just a regular 'point and shoot' camera either. It has all the functionality and settings that you would find on an SLR including full control over shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

    Here is a review of the model with pictures etc...

    (I can provide a photo of my actual camera upon request)

    The camera comes with a carry case, usb lead and a few memory cards. It runs on 4 x AA batteries, best to use the rechargeable kind, and I'll provide a charger for these batteries. Also includes a wide angle extension lens (it screws on the end and privides a wider view on your shots) and a few filters (UV and polariser).

    The camera occasionally jumps into Arabic or something when the batteries are changed, but this doesn't happen often, and its not difficult to navigate back to English. Very minor issue. Apart from that it's a great wee camera that served me well.

    I reckon 60 is a reasonable price for it. I'm happy to meet anyone who wants to see it.

    PM if you are interested!
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly

    edit - if i have first dibs ill take it!