1. avatar ramserpent

    We are launching our new set as an opener for Distortion Project gig in Limelight this Saturday.

    Headline act is Pagan Altar, also on the bill are Devil Makes Three and Rabid Bitch of the North.

    Doors 5pm-9pm

    Cost 8

    Pagan Altar. www.myspace.com/paganaltar

    Devilmakesthree. www.myspace.com/devilmakesthree

    Rabid Bitch of the North. www.myspace.com/rabidbitch

    Spiral Force. www.myspace.com/spiralforce



    (Spiral Force)
  2. avatar Seamy ALB
    Is the song about Sheik MaTool still in the set?? 8)
  3. avatar Ric_vdb
    Fantastic, I thought y'all had split! Must try and make it down JP.