1. avatar smiths_man
    I hear this is a pretty good event in Northern Ireland. Anyone know when it is? Who's playing at it etc? Is it worth going to?
  2. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Its really really good. And definately worth the money.

    Its on the 25th of July.

    25 is absolutely shite all for a festival and it wouldn't even get you into gigs in the odyssey for example.

    I dont think the line-up has been announced, but i'm sure it'll be really good.

    So.. to sum up, you'd be crazy not to go.
  3. avatar isis
    This is an amazing event. Brilliant atmosphere, amazing backdrop and great music.

    The Bands are all local bands so I would guess the cream of thon local music crop will all be performing.
  4. avatar huggy baps
    Definitely go! Played at it last year and had a cracking weekend! Head up the night before the gigs as well!
  5. avatar isis
    Thon Huggy Baps!! Hows Australia treatin you ya jammy git! Hold on, I'll PM you..
  6. avatar smiths_man
    Does anyone know what the story is with the line-up. I am definitely considering going to this but dont really want to fork out until I know who is playing. Anyone know????
  7. avatar the_doctor199
    Glasgowbury thread here: http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=32134