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    My first post!
    Okay, i'm selling this strat simply to help fund a new, custom built one. If money wasn't an issue i'd hang onto it as it really is a nice little instrument, but money is an issue so i'm afraid it's gotta go...

    Anyway, i only bought this little Strat a few months ago and at that stage a lot had already been modified. It had also been given the 'relic' treatment, which means it's got a lot of character. The vintage white/cream finished body (which is from an early 90's Japanese Strat) is worn down to the wood in places, and the USA maple neck (which as far as i can tell dates to '84) has a pretty cool 'worn-in' look in all the right places.

    The hardware is all good quality. The vintage style tremolo system has Fender Stamped saddles and works beautifully. The standard nut has been replaced with a roller nut that adds to tuning stability - the upgraded Sprerzal locking tuners also help in this area.

    The pickups don't appear to be stock, but sound great - pretty vintage and bluesy as you'd expect. The pickup covers, knobs, switch and tremolo arm tips have all aged naturally and look great against the 3-ply white/black/white scratch plate. The back cover for the tremolo cavity was missing when i bought it, but this has never really bothered me as i personally think it adds further character.

    I've enjoyed playing this little guitar a lot, but i'm a tele man to the end and as i said earlier, i need the cash! It has been fully set up by a professional luthier and comes complete with a good quality hard/soft Warwick Case.

    Anyway, Im looking 375 for it which is a more than fair price. Feel free to contact me if youre interested by emailing me on this site or at rickamck@hotmail.com. You can of course try before you buy too, we can arrange that if needs be. I also have some photos of the guitar that i can send you.

    Thanks for the interest,


    (PS - this guitar is now for sale in The Emporium - call in and give it a go! Cheers again).

    ***** This strat is no longer available thanks to the kind folk in The Emporium! *****
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    any pics?
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    Hi mate,

    Pm'd ya.