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    In 1987, Ibanez introduced what they were calling their Roadstar Pro series. (The Roadstar and Roadstar II series had already been around for quite a while.) Designed in Bensalem, PA, cut in Japan, then assembled back in Bensalem.

    The Roadstar Pro line consisted of three models:

    Roadstar Pro 540 Power
    Roadstar Pro 540 Saber
    Roadstar Pro 540 Radius

    All three of these were very similar in specs, with some key differences. The Power had an alder body with beveled edges. The Saber had a slim mahogany body, tapered front and back to a fine edge. The Radius had a basswood body shaped like an aerofoil, rounded on the bottom edge, and tapering in a smooth "teardrop" profile to the top edge. At their début, all three had HSS pickup config, three mini-toggles, 22 frets and rosewood fretboards. Other specs like the neck profiles differed slightly as well.

    After the first year, the "Roadstar" moniker was dropped, and they became the Pro 540 Radius, Pro 540 Power and Pro 540 Saber. These names were eventually shortened to "R", "P" and "S", and the 540 designation also changed to indicate different pickup and bridge configurations.

    The model I want to trade is the 540p - the same as the one used by Joe Satriani and pictured on his album.

    This is a picture of the guitar:

    I bought the guitar new in 1987 (£700 back then) from Marcus Musical and I have all the original bits and bobs. I fitted a Seymour Duncan mini humbucker in the neck position and I will include the original pickup.

    This is a cracking guitar - just check out some of the online reviews - but it's surplus to requirement.
    Offers around £550. Or I would consider a trade for a valve combo preferably Fender, but others considered, or anything interesting.

    PM me if interested.

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