1. avatar palrub
    [color=red:bfc22d28e3][size=18:bfc22d28e3][b:bfc22d28e3]digitech whammy[/b:bfc22d28e3][/size:bfc22d28e3][/color:bfc22d28e3]
    studio use only. PERFECT working order and no cosmetic inadequacies. lack of use means sale. all in cost me 160, using power supply for another rig so will take 100

    [color=red:bfc22d28e3][size=18:bfc22d28e3][b:bfc22d28e3]mxr doubleshot m105 distortion[/b:bfc22d28e3][/size:bfc22d28e3][/color:bfc22d28e3]
    includes power supply. again only 3 live jaunts. PERFECT working order and unbelievably impenetrable diecast makes for an invincible little machine. 18v adapter cost me 30 ordered into BGE in itself. 100

    [color=red:bfc22d28e3][size=18:bfc22d28e3][b:bfc22d28e3]digitech x series multi chorus[/b:bfc22d28e3][/size:bfc22d28e3][/color:bfc22d28e3]
    gigged, few scratches - works a peach ^_^ - 40

    [color=red:bfc22d28e3][size=18:bfc22d28e3][b:bfc22d28e3]behringer bxl ultrabass combo[/b:bfc22d28e3][/size:bfc22d28e3][/color:bfc22d28e3]
    brilliant amp, prior studio use only - strictly DI'ing for live gigs and i use in-ear monitors so no need for it. it's the 180w combo newer [not newest, mind] range with the angled horn, but feel free to view and test. 130
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  2. avatar Harsh1
    Sent u my details in the Fastfude Mail, gimme a call soon ok man!
  3. avatar palrub
    sorry been neglecting this post, originally couldn't respond to mail recieved and eventually gave up trying. but it's that time of the month again [rent.. not the other thing] on top of tuition fee payments which i can't balance.

    belfas based. mail seems to be working fine now so fire me a message if anything takes your fancy.
  4. avatar The_Martyr
    Hi there, I can't find a record of this digitech chorus pedal. is that definitely its name?