1. avatar goodonpaper

    TwoStep presents

    [size=18:24d0e8607b]Pocket Promise[/size:24d0e8607b]
    [size=18:24d0e8607b]Eskimos Fall[/size:24d0e8607b]

    Thursday 21st May,
    The Limelight Belfast, 9pm, 5
    Drinks Promotions



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  2. avatar jobby
    Any stage times for this?
  3. avatar goodonpaper
    Looking at something like

    Doors 9pm
    Eskimos Fall 9.45 - 10.15
    Skruff 10.30 - 11
    Pocket Promise 11.15 - 12
  4. avatar jobby
  5. avatar pennydistribution
    poster fail! where's little tape guy? he and i were fwends.
  6. avatar goodonpaper
    [quote:07c804547a="pennydistribution"]poster fail! where's little tape guy? he and i were fwends.[/quote:07c804547a]

    Where have you been for the past 5 months?!
  7. avatar goodonpaper
    This is TONIGHT!
  8. avatar jobby
  9. avatar PocketPromise
    yes! Tonight! Doors at nine and drinks so cheap they're almost free.

    and as a bump bonus, check this out [url]http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-The-Bounce-1561.htm[/url] Colourful fun with excellent musica.