1. avatar pennydistribution
    The 3rd UnConvention is ready to roll in Salford (Manchester) on the 4, 5 & 6 of June. The folks at Fat Northerner & Humble Soul Records have worked their asses off to put on an amazing event - 3 days, 20 bands, 5 panels and 30 speakers for only 25. C'mon!

    You can check out the Facebook event here, with details on bands, panels etc -


    "The first Un-Convention was designed to provide a forum for people with a dogmatic and unrelenting desire to put what they believe out there, to make people listen, and to discover something new. The Un-Convention goal was to launch an alternative and truly independent event that would not be about the next big thing or the next big deal but more about exchanging ideas, camaraderie, collectivism, and developing opportunities for creativity to flourish."

    UnConvention Swansea & Glasgow will focus on those regions before the end of the year and we're aiming for the next Irish UnCon in Spring 2010.

    Hope to see you in Salford!