1. avatar Rich9
    tomorrow (Wednesday) 6th May in Auntie Annies

    SKY LARKIN + Escape Act


    Newly settled back in Leeds where they began (following various freshly-completed academic pursuits), preparations are afoot to follow on from recent successes. After releasing two singles – the jaunty ‘One of Two’ and new-no-wave classic ‘Molten’ – on Dance To The Radio in 2007, the trio released an EP, Swit Swoo. Featuring covers of songs by Travis Morrison (ex-Dismemberment Plan), Patti Smith, Queens of the Stone Age and Jake Thackray (another child of Yorkshire) this spring. In May this year, the band headed Stateside to record their debut album; following in the footsteps of long-time touring partners Los Campesinos! by working with producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf).

    £8.50 / Doors 9pm

  2. avatar JTM
    I just checked Sky Larkin out on Spotify and it's addictive stuff.
  3. avatar sassyjam
    I'm going to this on recommendation.

    Anyone know stage times?
  4. avatar The Limelight
    Doors- 9pm

    Escape Act-9:40

    Sky Larkin-10:30
  5. avatar CallMeKatya
    Yo, I'm going to this. I have two spare free tickets though, if anyone wants them PM me. It would also be nice if you would hang out with me during the gig... Going stag to gigs - no fun.