1. avatar the dirty weed
    Ordinary Days Presents:

    [size=18:cc5ed7cab4]Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (L.A. / Paw Tracks Records)
    Son of Shrimp
    J.L. Seagull[/size:cc5ed7cab4]
    + DJ Noel Watson

    The Menagerie Bar, University Street
    Thursday 14th May
    9pm / £7


    [b:cc5ed7cab4]ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI[/b:cc5ed7cab4]

    LA’s art-pop supremo Ariel Pink is set to bring his Haunted Graffiti project to the UK and Europe this summer. Hailing from the same [b:cc5ed7cab4]Paw Tracks[/b:cc5ed7cab4] stable as [b:cc5ed7cab4]Animal Collective[/b:cc5ed7cab4], Pink signed to the label when Animal Collective discovered him on a 2003 West Coast tour, ending years of relative seclusion spent recording in the LA hills. One for fans of Animal Collective and Of Montreal, Pink’s output is improvisational, experimental, defiantly unconventional even, but a pop heart beats within.

    A true individual, Pink’s early releases were recorded at home with just a guitar, keyboard and 8-track, with the drum sounds unbelievably created using nothing more than his mouth and – occasionally – his armpits. With over 500 tracks under his belt, Paw Tracks are playing catch-up: they’ve released three of Pink’s albums so far: The Doldrums, Worn Copy and House Arrest.

    Haunted Graffiti is Pink’s five-piece band, featuring members of [b:cc5ed7cab4]Beachwood Sparks, Lilys, White Magic and The Samps[/b:cc5ed7cab4]. On the forthcoming tour, they’ll be playing a mix of both new and familiar material ranging from recent EPs to his three Paw Tracks albums and some of that expansive, unreleased archive material. Get in touch to hear a selection of Pink’s best bits, and expect the next new album of Pink’s twisted genius early 2010.

    mp3: [url=http://www.forcefieldpr.com/arielpinkcanthearmyeyes.mp3]Can't Hear My Eyes[/url]


    [b:cc5ed7cab4]SON OF SHRIMP[/b:cc5ed7cab4]

    Son of Shrimp is a musical endeavour which begun life as a semi-evolved Shrimp-man recording solo on analogue 8-track.

    Son of Shrimp has since evolved into a five-piece rock outfit - the Son has developed into a fully fledged Man Shrimp and is joined by four more rock monsters of the deep to form a classic drum/bass/guitar/synthesiser combo.


    [b:cc5ed7cab4]JL SEAGULL[/b:cc5ed7cab4]

    JONATHAN LESBIAN SEAGULL is a freestyle frisson, shaking it up as s/he goes along - with the aid of GREEN MARACAS, YAMAHA PSS-170, LOOP STATION, & MIC with sometimes drums and guitar too.


  2. avatar Per
    can't wait for this. is there a poster Mark?
  3. avatar smittennn
    JL Seagull [size=24:9029a6689c][b:9029a6689c]slayed[/b:9029a6689c][/size:9029a6689c] at Ashley Manor saturday night.
    hope to get enough coursework done to sneak down for two sets Thursday night.
  4. avatar boourns
    Looking forward to this tonight
  5. avatar distracted
    Yes, me too. I take it it'll be a late one? Any idea of stage times please?
  6. avatar the dirty weed
    [quote:34a58410a1="distracted"]Yes, me too. I take it it'll be a late one? Any idea of stage times please?[/quote:34a58410a1]

    sorry boss - was away from my computer all day.

    what did yis make of it?
    I thought it was tremendous - that band have achieved such a sweet sound and ariel is a great showman in an anti-showman sorta way :wink:
  7. avatar boourns
    Could barely make anything out for the first few tracks but once it either got started or my ears got accustomed to it it was good craic indeed. Had to leave early though cus I was fucking knackered.
  8. avatar dodgi stereo
    Three very enjoyable sets.
    Good atmosphere.