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    [b:2ccb6ade75]ACP048 Igorrr - Moisissure[/b:2ccb6ade75]

    Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) is a French composer of electronic and acoustic
    music who mixes with astonishing ease genres as different as electronica,
    baroque music, death metal and trip hop among others.

    "Imagine what would be if a church organist goes crazy, learns to growl, masters the wisdom of working with sound on computer, learns to beat drum rhythms in the manner of Slipknot, plays drum machine à la Venetian Snares. His favorite musical instruments would be Latin guitar, he would listen to music of the Middle Ages and his hobby would be to collect old records. Have you imagined that? Well, Igorrr is something of this kind." - Dmitry Quarck, soundproector.com

    Moisissure is his 2nd LP and his 1st on Acroplane_Recordings.

    "a mangled maelstrom of classical coupled with modern synthesised and virtual instrumentation, resulting in a breakbeat-black metal-opera exercise in madness." "anything this original and fresh (there really is
    nothing even vaguely similar available anywhere) as this selection of eleven pieces of brilliant lunacy deserves great praise. He may be reinventing what he began previously, but it is evolving into something far cleaner, more technically accomplished and much, much darker - without a doubt, an artist worth watching for any fan of experimental (and practically unclassifiable) fusions of electronic music." - David vander Merwe, Connexion Bizarre.

    01 Valse en Décomposition
    02 Oesophage de Tourterelle
    03 Putrefiunt
    04 Extro
    05 Liquid Requiem
    06 Brutal Swing
    07 Phasme Obèse
    08 Huile Molle
    09 Croute
    10 Moelleux
    11 Moisissure

    Cover artwork by Mioch - www.myspace.com/mioch

    Grab the full LP for free from http://www.acroplane.org
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    this release is out there - superb.