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    The band has been around since 1991 when the band was formed by Roger Sundquist (drums) and got known as THRONEAEON.

    GODHATE is actually one of very few still existing bands of the second era of Swedish death metal!!

    In 1993 when black metal gained ground only a few Swedish bands would survive as death metal acts. The very few can be named as Entombed, Dismember, Grave, and some new acts namely Vomitory and GODHATE.

    After a couple of albums, tours and a break-up (in late 2006) where 3/4 members quit, the band is back with a new crew and a new album.

    GODHATE has finally got a few offers on the latest recording, entitled “Equal in the eyes of death” and will most probably have it released in late spring 2009!



    Overoth are a Death Metal Band hailing from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland. They formed in late 2005 by four close friends with a raw passion for Death Metal. They have been playing the Irish & UK scenes since the release of their first demo and have only received great reception wherever they’ve played.
    Their first demo “Pathway to Demise”, although lacking professional recording quality has received many great reviews........

    “Good ideas and snarling, rasping, tormenting vocals combine well with strong blasts and solid grooves and if Overoth can get a powerful production to match the playing, they could find themselves as one of the premium death metal bands in the UK.”
    Paul - Raw Nerve Promotions

    “There is an excitement about the material and delivery that few manage; allowing the material to sound fresh in a worn out style and that in itself is a commendable achievement. Indeed, the incorporation of Thrash and simplistic head-banging riffs, as well as an impressive tightness for a first demo, makes the band stand out as one to watch.”
    Niall - Metal Observer

    With good feedback and confidence from their first release the band decided to enter the studio again to record new material. Over the late spring of 2007 the band recorded a new CD entitled “Death Personified” in Komodo Studios. Rundown Records were quick to see an opportunity here and approached the band, after discussions a deal was signed in blood. “Death Personified” was released on 16th November 2006 instantly followed by a short tour of Ireland.

    “Overoth are a fucking amazing band... and there could be few now doubting their status among Ireland's DM crowd. In fact stuff that - extend it to the UK as well. Tracks like 'Oath Of Flesh' are cut from the cloth of the masters, and Overoth should be immediately seeking to get the ear of those in the industry”
    Ciaran Tracey – Metal Ireland

    “In todays over clinical and saturated death metal scene, Overoth are a breath of fetid air”
    Martin Harris - MetalTeamUK

    Tracks from “Death Personified” were featured in several compilation CD’s including the UK’s “Terrorizer” magazine and Ireland’s Underground Movement Records “Hail of Gunfire”. Following the feature in “Terrorizer” the band were voted 6th best unsigned metal band in the UK by its readers.

    Overoth’s tight, energetic and exciting live performances have gained them the quick respect of the many bands they have shared the stage with. With high profile gigs such as the support slots for Desecration, Madder Mortem, Coldwar, Abaddon Incarnate, Napalm Death, Massacre, Extreme Noise Terror, Obituary, Unleashed, etc, and festival appearances including “Full Metal Racket” and Irelands biggest metal festival “Day Of Darkness”, Overoth seek to further wreck havoc within the Death Metal scene.

    “They were easily the band of the night. Transporting the crowd right back to Florida circa 1991, it could easily have been Death/Morbid Angel/Pestilence up on stage rather than a young local band.”
    Donal McBrien – Metal Ireland

    “There is an air of confidence and prowess to Overoth that many bands fail to achieve even after lengthy careers. They are focused, tight and almost militaristic in their execution.”
    Tom Cunningham – Metal Ireland

    Overoth are currently rehearsing new material before a string of dates in Ireland and abroad. They are due to lay down the next record in December 2008 and will be promoting the record with live shows across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

    This is Overoth - An uncompromising aural assault of raw aggression. This is death personified.



    Death/thrash band EXISTING THREAT formed in 2003 and come from the Newry area of Northern Ireland. The original lineup consisted of Dave Connolly (vocals), John McSherry (guitars), Conor Murphy (bass) and Gary Mallon (drums). Taking their inspiration from bands like DEATH, KREATOR, SLAYER and MORBID ANGEL the band worked tirelessly to create their own material which echoed the sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. The band also regularly performed the classic DEATH masterpiece Evil Dead (a particular favourite during their intense live performances).

    The band played throughout Northern Ireland during 2004 and even briefly appeared in the BBC TV programme ATL TV which featured several bands on the Northern Ireland metal scene. During the Autumn of 2004 the band recorded and released their first demo Blood Drenched Heaven and continued to tour into mid-2005.

    The second demo "Hostile Ground" was recorded in January 2006 at Komodo Studios and has attracted some very encouraging reviews (see the various blogs). The band has continued gigging on the strength of the new material, culminating in opening for death metal legends OBITUARY in Dublin on June 15th 2006.

    Existing Threat have come through hard times during the writing process for our forthcoming debut album "Summoned by the Ancients" scheduled for self release in early 2009, with many lineup changes the band has managed to consolidate into the strongest lineup so far. We have plans to tour relentlessly throughout Ireland and have plans for heading overseas. Also, with the release of the album, the EXISTING THREAT official .com website will come online, allowing you to keep up to date with gigs and general bullshitting.



    Interrogate are a four-piece metal band hailing from Northern Ireland. The band originally formed as a five-piece with two lead vocalists and went through numerous line-up changes before finally settling on the first real solid line-up in late 2004. The band released their debut EP "Unbroken" in December 2005 and hit the live circuit with a vengance whipping crowds into a frenzy with their hardcore brand of dual-vocalist metal and chaotic live performances. After a successful year and a half which saw Interrogate play shows all over Ireland and shifting a sustantial amount of EPs, the band suffered more line-up changes over the following months which put a halt to any overseas touring plans and the vocal partnership was broken up. After a lot of soul-searching the band decided a change was needed and ocalist Andy Campbell was re-recruited to be the one and only dedicated frontman. The band decided they would need to re-invent themselves and come back better than ever with new songs stronger than anything ever written before. Although currently concentrating on writing new material, the band will be playing some select shows in the coming months, with plans to record a new album, then tour home and abroad extensively, in the pipeline. Watch this space!