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    My first post!
    Are you tired of music festivals that indie artists can’t seem to get into? Have you been hoping for a festival to come to your town instead of you having to travel hours to get there? Well there’s a new festival in Ireland this summer that’s going to change everything. INDIE WEEK Ireland is all about showcasing the best independent acts from all over Europe. Whether you’re totally DIY or signed to an independent label, we want to give you a chance to further your career. Showcases in Dublin and Limerick will be judged by members of the European music industry, and we want to put you in the spotlight.

    Want more? The top act from INDIE WEEK Ireland will have the opportunity to play at the INDIE WEEK Canada festival in Toronto this coming October. Also, in celebration of Canada Day (July 1st). INDIE WEEK Ireland will be bringing over some of Canada’s finest independent acts.

    Festival dates this summer:

    July 1st – An Cruiscin Lan – Cork
    July 2nd – Roisin Dubh – Galway
    July 3rd – Whelan’s – Dublin
    July 4th – Dolan’s – Limerick

    Headlining all dates will be top acts from the 2007 and 2008 Canadian festival – Vesta Varro and Walter Mitty & The Realists. After their victory at INDIE WEEK Canada 07, Vesta Varro signed with a German booking agent and were invited to play more festivals in Canada such as the Rogers Spring Music Festival. Being named top act in INDIE WEEK Canada 08 also helped Walter Mitty & The Realists to secure a slot at the Canadian Music Week festival earlier this year, which led to them signing with a Canadian management company. Both acts hail from Limerick, Ireland, and are grateful to have had the opportunity to play INDIE WEEK.

    Acts can apply to INDIE WEEK Ireland online through Sonicbids:
    www.sonicbids.com/indieweekireland - Applications close May 29th
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    That took a very long route to say 'Vesta Varro are on tour in July'.
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    Have you ever seen that episode of Family guy with the 'blow up inflatable arm waving things'....

    'music not belonging to or affiliated with a major record company WEEK Ireland'
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    It's the filter that won't stop giving.
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    I didn't actually think there was a filter until this post. I just thought you guys were actually typing indie in place of the offending word. :-D
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    APPLICATIONS CLOSE FEBRUARY 5TH! DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Northern Irish act Cutaways came out on top last year....will YOUR act be the next big thing this year?


    Festival Background:

    Indie Week Ireland is an unique international music festival looking for the next big European band to bring to Canada. Canadian and European cultures mingle for four great nights as top Canadian bands from Indie Week Canada tour the country alongside high-calibre European acts.

    Industry professionals from fields ranging from A&R, booking, labels, legal, management, press, and production, are hired to determine which European band is the "best of the fest." The prize is unlike any other: a partial-expenses paid trip overseas to perform for Indie Week Canada 2010. Taking over some of the best venues in Toronto (a hotbed of Canadian talent), Indie Week Canada provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to perform for Canadian music-industry professionals.

    Both Indie Week Ireland and Canada are dedicated to providing artists with valuable opportunities for networking and exposure. Having industry judges at showcases ensures industry in the room - artists must impress!
    All Selected Artists Receive:
    A chance to perform at Indie Week Canada (Toronto, Oct. 2010)
    VIP passes for all band members (including crew & management), which allow entry to special events and all showcases across Ireland
    A listing on IndieWeek.com
    A delegate bag with inserts from sponsors, artists, industry, media, etc.

    Irish act Walter Mitty and the Realists (voted best band 2008) acquired Canadian management as a result of performing at Indie Week Canada. Their success at the festival also helped them secure a high-profile showcase at Canadian Music Week 2009.

    Participating in Indie Week Canada helped Limerick-band Vesta Varro (voted best band 2007) acquire a booking agent in Germany, and helped them secure spots in Canadian Music Week and Rogers Spring Music Festival.

    "I think it's great and very important to have this sort of hook up. It's an awesome opportunity and we're really excited about going to Toronto."
    - Niall Donnelly, Sixteen Layers

    "Cutaways were thrilled to be part of such a well-run and respected event as Indie Week Ireland. It really was a unique celebration of live music and a great opportunity to showcase ourselves to various people within the industry. The atmosphere was fabulous and each act was given the attention they deserved given the quality of the bands involved."
    - Ryan Simpson, Cutaways

    "Bella Clava is honoured to have had the pleasure of participating in Indie Week Ireland. This experience gave our truly independent band the opportunity to embark on our first tour, performing for new audiences in a new environment which is typically unheard of for unsigned bands."
    – Caitlin Dacey, Bella Clava

    Nick Seymour (Crowded House Bassist)
    Richard Dowling (Mastering Engineer)
    Claire Kelly (Limerick Post)
    Tom Nevermann (Music Publishing Germany)
    John O'Regan (Freelance Journalist)
    Mark O'Sullivan (Singer-Songwriter)
    Andy Stephens (Freelance Journalist)