1. avatar doctorlilt

    QUBe Concert
    Wednesday 6th May 2009
    5:30pm, SARC

    Directed by Steve Davis, Paul Stapleton and Michael Gurevich

    The QUBensemble (QUBe) is a forum for improvisation, conduction and new music involving students and staff within the School. QUBe brings together musicans from a variety of backgrounds to develop performances which explore ensemble interaction through game pieces, open scores and free improvisation.

    This concert will feature a diverse range of phenomena including a rare performance of John Zornís Cobra, as well as a series of works devised specifically for QUBe.

    All are welcome to this free event!

    A wee map of where the SARC is:
    Chlorine Park, just behind The Eglantine (The Eg), up the Malone Road, five minutes walk from the main Queen's University building!
  2. avatar belfastblues+roots
    It's gonna be great :)