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    [size=24:429ae0ffde][b:429ae0ffde][color=cyan:429ae0ffde]These Are The Clouds, blue line Paradox & Silvercord[/color:429ae0ffde][/b:429ae0ffde][/size:429ae0ffde]

    [size=24:429ae0ffde][color=violet:429ae0ffde]Thursday, 30th[/color:429ae0ffde] April - [color=red:429ae0ffde]TONIGHT![/color:429ae0ffde]
    The Bunker, Laverys Bar, [color=violet:429ae0ffde]Belfast[/color:429ae0ffde]
    Doors 8pm, First Band 830pm, 3
    [u:429ae0ffde][color=violet:429ae0ffde]Good Bands,[/color:429ae0ffde] [color=cyan:429ae0ffde]Good Bar,[/color:429ae0ffde] [color=red:429ae0ffde]Good Times[/color:429ae0ffde][/u:429ae0ffde] :)

    [size=24:429ae0ffde][b:429ae0ffde][color=cyan:429ae0ffde]These Are The Clouds,[/color:429ae0ffde][/b:429ae0ffde] [url=http://www.myspace.com/thesearethecloudsband]myspace.com/thesearethecloudsband[/url] [/size:429ae0ffde]
    Beginning in 2007 and rebuilding from the mould set by former noise outfit The Nexus, These Are The Clouds are a frighteningly energetic young band, who are out to show the local heavy music scene what live performances can be, and how shows can remain exciting visually as well as musically at the same time.

    Mixed with members of local bands such as The Nexus, Stillbirth, and Redestruct, this band is doing what no-one else on the Irish shores is trying to push for. Combining the superb breakdowns found in any major metalcore act, with the schizophrenic tendencies of Psyopus and the irregularity of The Dillinger Escape Plan, whilst managing to add epic soundscapes and passages influenced by instrumental rock, classical and choral works, These Are The Clouds pay homage to the acts who they're grown up to respect and who have shaped their musical outlook, into a terrifyingly chaotic act, and not even reaching double figures in number of shows, there is far more to come from this stage-destroying six piece.

    [size=24:429ae0ffde][b:429ae0ffde][color=cyan:429ae0ffde]Silvercord,[/color:429ae0ffde][/b:429ae0ffde] [url=http://www.myspace.com/silvercordonline]myspace.com/silvercordonline[/url] [/size:429ae0ffde]
    Hey were Silvercord A young new band from the Lurgan area with multiple angles of experience. Through the time the band has been together many genre and line-up changes have occurred. The current may be the best way forward and through the next year we hope to achieve many things, for example: Compile songs and become tighter as a band. Possibly record an EP containing a variety of sounds to create appeal to the tastes of many. Arrange a full line-up eventually consisting of another guitarist with good vocal abilities to counteract with the vocals already undertaken with the band Gig to many different and diverse crowds try and gain some respect form different genres of music and bands from different areas to hopefully resolve in more gigs. The band share interest in multiple genres of music but try to keep a light-hearted relationship with the music that we play.

    [size=24:429ae0ffde][b:429ae0ffde][color=cyan:429ae0ffde]blue line Paradox,[/color:429ae0ffde][/b:429ae0ffde] [url=http://www.myspace.com/bluelineparadox]myspace.com/bluelineparadox[/url] [/size:429ae0ffde]
    blue line Paradox: preform with a soaring energy, delivered as a punch of harmonies. Their songs are filled with an arsenal of volume and velocity.... taking influences from Fightstar, 36 Crazyfists and Deftones while their riot of rhythms, and montage of different moods create their own sound.