1. avatar The Limelight
    TICKETS ON SALE IN KATY DALY’S & www.getURticket.com

    [color=#][color=red:151041b9e0][color=#][color=red]THE [/color:151041b9e0]LIMELIGH[/color]T [/color][/color]
    The Filthy Dukes / Ed Zealous / FAUX DJs Thursday 7th May 9pm £8.50
    The Von Bondies / The Minutes Sunday 10th May 8pm £10.00
    Pagan Alter* Saturday 16th May 5pm (Early) £8.00
    Gallows / Rolo Tomassi Monday 25th May 9pm £10.00
    Panama Kings / Two Door Cinema Club Wednesday 27th May 9.30pm £5.00
    Stephen Fretwell (solo & acoustic) Sunday 31st May 8pm £12.00
    [color=#][color=blue:151041b9e0]* Distortion Project **Two St[/color:151041b9e0]ep Presents [/color]
    [color=#][color=red:151041b9e0]THE SPRING[/color:151041b9e0] & AIRBRAKE[/color]
    N.O.F.X / The Flatliners / Pour Habit Sunday 26th April 8pm SOLD OUT
    A Camp (feat Nina Persons))/ Thursday 30th April 8pm £11.00
    New Moon Showcase Saturday 2nd May 9pm £6.00
    Foy Vance / The Lowly Knights Sunday 3rd May 8pm SOLD OUT
    Foy Vance / The Lowly Knights Monday 4th May 8pm SOLD OUT
    JD SET – Dan Black / Two Door Cinema Club Thursday 7th May 8pm £8.00
    The Script Monday 11th May Tickets to be won on Cool FM
    Tricky Wednesday 13th May 9pm £23.00
    Ginger/Laika Dog (Featuring Terrorvision frontman Tony Wright)
    Thursday 14th May 9pm £12.50
    The Saw Doctors Friday 15th May 8.30pm £17.00
    The Slackers/ Runnin Riot / Pocket Billiards**** Friday 22nd May 9pm £12.00
    Dj Format / Olympic Lifts Saturday 23rd May 10pm £10.00
    Maccabees Thursday 28th May 8.30pm £12.50
    Cashier No 9 / Mojo Fury / Dutch Schultz+ Friday 29th May 9pm £4 door
    The Cahier Collection/John Shelly & The Creatures/Colenso Parade/ Adam Ficek(Dj)*** Saturday 30th May 9pm £7.00
    Firebird /Gentlemans Pistols / Skypilot Friday 5th June 9pm £10.00
    Tesla/ Stormzone Thursday 11th June 9pm £18.00
    UFO Friday 12th June 8:30pm £20.00
    Prong* Sunday 14th June 8pm £17.00
    Elliot Minor (all ages show) Friday 26th June 7.30pm £12.00
    Lucy Wainwright Roche Sunday 5th July 8.30pm £8.00
    An evening with blues legend “John Mayall”[color=#][color=red:151041b9e0] [color=#][color=red]**J[/color:151041b9e0]ust Added**[/color][/color] [/color] Wednesday 22nd July 8.30pm £25.50
    The Doors Alive (The No 1 Tribute to the Doors) Saturday 15th August 9pm £10.00
    Rise Against / Comply Or Die++ Wednesday 26th August 9pm £16.50
    Onslaught* Friday 28th August 9pm £11.00
    Explosions in the Sky [color=#][color=red:151041b9e0][color=#][color=red]**J[/color:151041b9e0]ust Adde[/color]d**[/color][/color] Sunday 6th September 8pm £14.00
    Sunset Rubdown [color=#][color=red:151041b9e0][c[color=#][color=red]olor=#][color=red]**J[/color:151041b9e0]ust Adde[/color]d**[/color[/color]][/color] [/color]Friday 11th September 9pm £11.00
    The Wholigans (The Ultimate Who Tribute) Saturday 12th September 9pm £10.00
    Hockey [color=#][color=red:151041b9e0][color=#][color=red]**J[/color:151041b9e0]ust Adde[/color]d**[/color][/color] Monday 21st September 9pm £9.50
    [color=#][color=blue:151041b9e0] * Distortion Project ** Animal Disco Live Presents ***Six Events Presents ****Revenge Therapy presents +Big List Big Gig ++Str[/color:151041b9e0]ange Victory[/color]
    Brett Dennen (“Top 10 Artists to Watch” – Rolling Stone Magazine) Friday 22nd May 7.30pm Free
    Origin /Condemned / Overoth / Last Judgement** Monday 4th May 8pm £10.00
    Sky Larkin / Escape Act Wednesday 6th May 9pm £7.50
    Wintersleep Saturday 9th May 7pm £7.00
    Woodpigeon Tuesday 19th May 8pm £8.00
    Dark Room Notes* Friday 22ndrd May 7:30pm £7.00
    Red Light Company*** Saturday 23rd May 7pm £8.00
    In Case Of Fire Thursday 4th June 8pm £7.50
    Carrie Rodriguez Monday 8th June 8.30pm £13.50
    Humanzi / The Beat Poets [[color=#][color=red:151041b9e0]color=#][color=red]**J[/color:151041b9e0]ust Added**[/color] [/color] [/color] Wednesday 10th June 9pm £7.00
    The Thermals / Pavilion Thursday 18th June 8pm £10.00
    [color=#][color=blue:151041b9e0]*Blackout Club presents ** Distortion Club Presents ***Science Presents =Strange Vict[/color:151041b9e0]ory Presents[/color]