1. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    [b:9cd483b495]X-COM [/b:9cd483b495](formerly [b:9cd483b495]BAD COMPANY[/b:9cd483b495])

    & guests [b:9cd483b495]PAY*OLA[/b:9cd483b495]

    [b:9cd483b495]EMPIRE MUSIC HALL[/b:9cd483b495], BELFAST
    [b:9cd483b495]SATURDAY 2ND MAY[/b:9cd483b495]
    Doors 8.30pm, admission 15.50

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    X-Com are a band made up of former/current members of the legendary Bad Company - in fact they toured as Bad Company last year, when we supported them in the Empire in May. They are currently under the [b:9cd483b495]X-COM [/b:9cd483b495]banner due to legal wranglings with Paul Rodgers....but this ain't a "tribute" act by any stretch. Most notably they feature founder member Mick Ralphs...a guy who is basically rock royalty, having written " Can't Get Enough", and who was also a founder member of Mott The Hoople. Singer Robert Hart also fronted the band through most of the '80s. The drummer happens to be Harry from Thunder! Here's loads more info on the band:


    An excellent live band playing brilliant songs. Last year was a blast - I heartily recommend this show!
  2. avatar Philip PAYOLA
    Tonight, pop pickers!
  3. avatar Andrew
    This was a great gig. I couldn't believe how empty the Empire was - and where was Mick Ralphs? - but the X-COM men really entertained. Harry James is a hard-hitting mofo and Robert Hart has one hell of a voice.

    Best moments: Can't Get Enough, Shooting Star, Rock Steady and the bloke doing the cartwheels.