1. avatar SafeHands83
    Ive been playing guitar for a few years now and im looking to experiment with new sounds. Can any one recommend a setup that would allow me to be more creative i.e. reasonably priced amps, foot switches, pedals etc. I use a strat and im leaning towards blues/soft rock. I purchased a spider jam amp but its not for me.

    Any advice would be appreciated

  2. avatar wannabeflea
    A nice small valve amp, a boost pedal and a Wah and you'd be set up I think.

    A nice sounding valve amp doesn't have to cost the earth. I got a Harley Benton GA5 combo as a Chrimbo pressie from her-indoors (with the intention of modding the hell out of it)but damned if it isn't the nicest sounding wee amp with a strat. I had my bro's us strat at mine for a setup the other week and it was the only amp I had for him to plug into and he was pretty impressed. 79 plus postage they are from Thomann. And 5 watts is much louder than you'd think! Can be had as a head instead of a combo if that's more your thing.

    A second hand boss blues driver and a (modified) cry-baby and your laughing! Add other effects as and when the need/desire arises...
  3. avatar dommccann
    i will second the harley benton ga5. bought one less than a month ago. lovely tone out of it, and when you turn her up, breaks up nicely. also, a little delay or reverb pedal would be nice, but dont want to set them too strong, a very short delay sounds good.
  4. avatar scumbag
    depends on the budget.

    if you had a few quid and were looking for THE blues amp in a fender set up, your 1st port of call would be the fender super reverb, to that you would add an ibanez ts9 tubescreamer and a wah like a crybaby. that simple set up would carry you very far indeed.

    on a lesser budget and are you playing out , id suggest the 22 watt fender deluxe reverb, its one sweet little unit that sounds like it was made with the blues in mind. again, i say ts9 tubescreamer will serve you very well.

    you are right in what you think of the line 6 , sterile sounding junk whose value plummetts once you lift it outta the box, you are right to be getting rid of it. if you are playing out and need lots of clean headroom, 100 watt fender twin is just the ticket, for a bar gig, anything over 40 watts is pure overkill. for bedroom noodling the 22 watt deluxe reverb will do all that you ask..........just do not buy a solid state amp whatever you do, solid state amps and blues tone aint a great pairing.

    for super reverb tone, check out otis grand and stevie ray vaughn, and the deluxe just sounds like a smaller super reverb. if you wanna swing the rory gallagher way, then ONLY a vox ac30 will do that for you.

    more pedals in front of the amp and the more tonal purity you lose, if its definitely blues for you the tubescreamer, a wah and if trower floats your boat, a univibe , and you will be well set up, do let us know what you decide on.
  5. avatar scumbag

    speaking of the fender deluxe reissue 22 watt amp...........if this dont bring a tear to your eye !!
  6. avatar colin3pair

    I really want a Fender amp now! Its a bit pricy but i think i have a bit of saving to do. What amp are you using yourself?
  7. avatar robxter
    I recently bought a fender hot rod deville. 4x10. Awesome tone. Used clean or bright with a blues driver. Drive and more drive if you really want to crank it up. A good alrounder if that helps
  8. avatar scumbag
    The Hotrod Deville is ok for clean tones, the driven tones are another story altogether. once you turn a HRD up , the driven tones thin out substantially and thats the achilles heel of that particular unit.

    From the vid clip I linked to about the Deluxe Reverb, you will note that on neither the normal or tremolo channel that a master volume exists, its a NON-Master volume unit. Those glorious overdriven tones from the clip were obtained by simply turning the amp up so the user gets full on pre amp AND power amp distortion, most amps nowadays just give that buzzy thin sounding preamp distortion that comes with master volume fitted amps and the only way to get the thickness of a NMV amp from a MV is to turn the MV amp way up.......prob is , the MV is there because they are usually way too loud to do that with. The Deluxe Reverb is only 22 watts , you want drive tones for home use, then stick a tubescreamer in front of it and there is still no MV to contend with, or for bar gigging FORGET THE DRIVE PEDAL and 22 watts would be just ideal, whack it to 10 and control everything from the vol control on the guitar....PERFECT !!!!

    The Deluxe Reverb is leagues above the HRD in every single area , and I simply cannot think of a more suitable amp, apart from a super reverb (another non-master unit btw) for the OP`s needs.

    Good luck in whichever path you follow bro.
  9. avatar SafeHands83
    Damn you scumbag! I went and wasted 325 of my hard earned cash on that god awful spider jam! Im totally goin for the fender deluxe reissue. Have some saving ahead! Thanks for the advise
  10. avatar scumbag
    [quote:64782b684a="SafeHands83"]Damn you scumbag! I went and wasted 325 of my hard earned cash on that god awful spider jam! Im totally goin for the fender deluxe reissue. Have some saving ahead! Thanks for the advise[/quote:64782b684a]

    you are 100% right about the line 6 mate, buyers fall under the misconception of thinking because they sound ok in front of the telly in your living room , that in a band situation they will be good too.....WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    turn those suckers up and its thin, harsh and sterile sounding all the way, plus you would have no cut whatsoever through the mix , be completely drowned out by a 25 watt tube head or combo and just sound dreadful.

    have you priced the deluxe reverb if you dont mind me asking ? also be careful where you buy, if you decide to make a purchase. i have no hesitation in saying to you check out sounds great music in cheshire, totally professionally run outfit that make marcus, emporium and matchetts look like stall sellers with a cigarette behind one ear at the sunday market in dundrod. Ive done a lot of business with them and its never been less than sheer excellence all the way.

    I wish you the best of luck, an amp like the deluxe reverb means you simply wont need a plethora of pedals on the floor to convince yourself that you sound good. A ts9 tubescreamer and a wah pedal in front of that amp will yield tone to make the dudes with 10 pedals on the floor running into their line 6 `s run for cover, that I can guarantee you.
  11. avatar scumbag

    take a look at this deluxe rev clip, listen to it sing around the 5 min 20 mark, now the fulltone ocd pedal bit before it aint for me as I am not a metalhead,the jazz comping is a lot more my bag and doesnt this amp have soul by the truckload.........and OMG !! listen to the quality of that tube driven reverb !! enjoy the clip, its informative and good viewing, you should be salivating after viewing and listening to it LOL !!