1. avatar exmagician
    The Tenth Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival Presents

    Cashier No.9 + Black Box Devil Disco
    Black Box, Saturday 9th May, 8pm

    Stepping out of the sidelines and onto centre stage comes local musical stalwart Danny Todd and the shiny shiny Cashier No. 9. Catchy, brash and swaggering, Toddís latest and most enduring project is leant some musical muscle by life-long friends James Smith on guitar, Stuart McGowan on bass and Philip Duffy on drums. Cashier No. 9ís blistering live act has attracted fans as diverse as Steve Lamacq, Janice Long and David Holmes. With a new single and album in the pipeline, their timely appearance at CQAF finds a band at the peak of their powers.

    Followed by an infamous Black Box Devil Disco evening of Electro, Funk, Cosmic Disco, Go-Go, Skiffle and other mutant genres spawned from the deranged group mind with appropriately hallucinatory visuals by Cinilingus.

    Tickets £5
    Buy Tickets online [url]https://kiosk4.ts.com/k?CQAF&CashierNo9[/url]
    Tickets Also Available From Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609
  2. avatar Vee
    can't wait for this..... :)
  3. avatar exmagician
    is bumping frowned upon this weather? :smt011
  4. avatar Joffy
  5. avatar exmagician

    but it's the 9th, not the 10th
  6. avatar Joffy
    Ah balls- ok heres the right one!

  7. avatar exmagician
    shweet :smt023
  8. avatar exmagician
  9. avatar churchwarden
    Stage times anyone?
  10. avatar GerdaTaro
    Actually times would be appreciated, keen to pull off a Wintersleep/Cashier Combo if the Canadians are putting in an early show at Auntie Annies..
  11. avatar bottleofsmoke
    A Wintersleep/Cashier combo would be a fine fine sardy evening indeed.
  12. avatar exmagician
    Cashier onstage around 11pm
  13. avatar Orzo
    So what's happening between 8pm - 11pm?
  14. avatar exmagician
    Black Box Devil Disco Dj's either side of the No.9 set - Funk, Disco, Skiffle, Afrobeat and Electro from a crew of seasoned party-starters
  15. avatar xfirefishx
    Am really loving Cashier No 9 at the moment. Pity I can't get to this. Do they have an album yet?

    Oh okay, sorry just read the first post again - it's on the way!
  16. avatar Orzo
    I think that was the shortest set by a headlining act I've ever seen. What was that, 5 songs or something?
    Admittedly I enjoyed what I did hear and Boom Boom Ha Ha was fantastic live but it was a little blink and miss it.
  17. avatar exmagician
    it was an 8 song set and lasted 40 minutes. sorry if you felt it was short...we heard that from a number of people...more songs next time, promise. great night though!
  18. avatar churchwarden

    It was excellent - but it did appear short (better than it appearing too long :D ).

    I even bought the single at the Black Market today, as I had missed the single launch at the menagerie a few weeks back
  19. avatar GerdaTaro
    Devastated. Mooched about on a Wintersleep high for an hour in the absence of Things To Do That Dont Involve Alcohol then drove across town in a heightened state of anticipation...to learn...rammed, no tickets on door...trudged up Hill Street the saddest girl to ever hold a martini. Every Cashier gig i've been to I've been pre-ticketed up and you could swing a large cat. 'Where were you people on a rainy night in The Empire eh? eh?'
    There's a lesson here of course. i won't be chancin Tesla on the night that's for sure.