1. avatar ziggy
    In your opinion what do you think makes a great practice area? What kind of equipment would you expect? What kind of price and for how long? Anything else you think?

  2. avatar DavidHill
    I reckon you need good light!

    and gear thats in good working order and a PA system!

    its only a practice you don't need your Full stalks and cymbal frames out

    oh and a decent wee mics and stands!

    10er an hour?

  3. avatar izzys_return
    10 and hr or cheaper :D

    Decent P.A (regularly checked along with all the gear)

    Doesn't need amazing equipment as it's just to pratice though it cant be any oul crap either

    And a decent amount of space, too small makes sorting sound very hard
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    Tea, coffee and biscuits are essential. Some way of getting the amps off the ground is also a must. 3 hours minimum, around 20-30 depending on the quality of the gear, acoustics and provisions.
  5. avatar ziggy
    thanks dudes, im trying to set somethin up at the minute but i was just wondering if there was anything else i could be doing to make the bands experince a bit better! thanks for all ur help :D
  6. avatar danbastard
    Decent equipment is a must. By equipment I mean cabinets to whack our heads into, a decent PA with mics, and decent drums... If the drums sound crap then it can be harder to get 'into it', if you know what I mean. Also, I prefer smoker friendly practice rooms!

    I remember a certain Belfast practice room that used to leave sheets of paper out for writing songs and setlists, and a ghetto blaster for recording new songs and listening back to them. Not essential, but a nice touch all the same.