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    Dr Sketchy's May Madness

    Sunday 3 May

    The Menagerie

    Dr Sketchy's has felt the spring in the air and the wind in our hair and decided to ditch the darkness and welcome in the light with a touch of May Madness.

    From Alice in Wonderland to The Wicker Man, anything that celebrates May-time and Mayhem is fair game. May models include: Zsa Zsa DíVine, Smack, Scarlett Nails, Poppy Cork and the inimitable Twanda!

    So come on down to the Menagerie on the first Sunday of the month to celebrate Dr Sketchy's, the art school that thinks itís a cabaret, the event that takes Ďlifeí drawing and injects life into it via a heady mishmash of music, burlesque, comedy, performance, silly games and even sillier prizes. Donít worry if you canít muster up a masterpiece - the main focus is to have fun trying. So if youíre looking for something different, Dr Sketchyís is exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Our burlesque stars will be selecting their favourite sketches with prizes generously supplied by Art and Hobby of Victoria Square in Belfast.

    Starting in May there will also be an extra prize each month of a book coutesy of America's premiere art publishers Baby Tattoo Books

    Menagerie, Sunday, 3 May, Doors open at 8 pm £5.

    More information and updated gallery at:

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