1. avatar SafeHands83
    Bought it in Feb. I have the receipt to prove it. Perfect working condition and only used at home a handful of times. These retail at 325 before delivery charges. Ill accept 200 No offers. Im based in belfast and am willing to deliver for free within reason. If you're interested send me a message.
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  2. avatar scumbag
    why dont you just post what you are selling it for , ive checked this model out and the MP3 in socket is a very useful tool indeed. this make me an offer style of selling is just so darned tedious, if you have a price in mind, post it and see how you fare.
  3. avatar SafeHands83
    Updated with a price as per fastfuder instructions
  4. avatar SafeHands83
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    I've seen the 150 watt version on here for 150. And you can get a spider 3 75 for 230 in some places.

    You need to set your sites lower mate. I eventually sold a Marshall AVT275 on here for 160 - if you want the higher prices sell on eBay.