1. avatar venusrollergirl
    There will be a special performance by El Crisis 'Afro Caribbean Spoken Word' and Scream Blue Murmur 'Song and Poetry' Performance' with live percussion, in Belfast Central Library.

    6-7pm - Wednesday 29th of April

    This event is held in partnership with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Cultural Committee in the lead up to Mayday.

  2. avatar shuffle
    My first post!
    hello. say no to racism.

    Oceans of blue fill his eyes
    White shiny teeth in a mouthful of lies

    Golden skin and raven black hair
    To trust him is more than a dare

    A firm body and handshake
    His words are empty and often fake

    Lots of friends and family too
    He can make time for them all except for you

    He is the life of the party beer for all
    If he needs a sober driver you’re the first he’ll call

    Who is with? Who is that lady?
    His stories are weak and alarmingly shady

    He takes what is given and sometimes more
    Its not just sex that makes him a whore

    A slap to the face a shove here and there
    Pack your bags no longer I care

    Our time here is done and more than complete
    I wish it was as simple as a quick delete

    Now your gone and I am free
    From your violent pain and misery

    We all have a past or a secret to hide
    But mine won’t be abuse or a boyfriend who lied

    do you like [url=http://www.poetrycraze.com/]Love Poetry[/url]