1. avatar jonnyweston
    Hey Guys,

    Looking to pickup a cheapish maple kit, for in and around 500-600.
    Preferentially something from any of the following

    PDP, (CX or MX),
    Mapex (M-pro or above),
    Pearl, (SMX),
    Gretsch (Catalina Maple),

    I'd prefer to buy second hand, as I believe if someone else is looking to forward of something they no longer require.... that its only right to recycle!!

    Well sure if someone out there has something... let me know!

    Thanks Guys,


    I have seen a few Mapex M-Pro's over on the main[/list]
  2. avatar pat - lwr
    i know a guy selling an M Pro. ill get him to be in touch later today
  3. avatar pat - lwr
  4. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    I've got a PDP LX maple here, cherry fade 6 piece, 8 10 12 14 FAST sizes, 22 x 18 bass.
    Got moulded hoops on snare drum too.