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    [size=24:5e159fca4d][color=violet:5e159fca4d]Tuesday, 28th[/color:5e159fca4d] April - [color=red:5e159fca4d]TONIGHT![/color:5e159fca4d]
    The Pavilion Bar, [color=violet:5e159fca4d]Belfast[/color:5e159fca4d]
    Doors 9pm, First Band 930pm, £3
    [u:5e159fca4d][color=violet:5e159fca4d]Good Bands,[/color:5e159fca4d] [color=cyan:5e159fca4d]Good Bar,[/color:5e159fca4d] [color=red:5e159fca4d]Good Times[/color:5e159fca4d][/u:5e159fca4d] :)

    [size=24:5e159fca4d][b:5e159fca4d][color=cyan:5e159fca4d]Under Stars and Gutters,[/color:5e159fca4d][/b:5e159fca4d] [url=http://www.myspace.com/understarsandgutters]myspace.com/understarsandgutters[/url] [/size:5e159fca4d]
    "Coleraines newest Guitar Heroes" The Coleraine Times

    "The North Coast Is Producing Some Amazing Bands...You Can Now Add One More Name To That List, Under Stars & Gutters" -Stephen McAuley,BBC Electric Mainline

    "Under Stars and Gutters’, managed to grab my attention from the off. Pounding drums, mangled guitars and strong vocals give the band a huge sound...Perhaps it was youthful energy; perhaps it was the mix between Biffy-style riffs and punky choruses, but Under Stars and Gutters definitely left an impression." Promote:NI

    Hey all!!!
    We are Under Stars and Gutters! A 3 piece band based in the North Coast Ireland.
    Currently only looking to play music and have fun and make a few friends along the way!

    [size=24:5e159fca4d][b:5e159fca4d][color=cyan:5e159fca4d]Urban Crime Spree,[/color:5e159fca4d][/b:5e159fca4d] [url=http://www.myspace.com/theurbancrimespree]myspace.com/theurbancrimespree[/url][/size:5e159fca4d]
    The Urban Crime Spree are a four-piece from Antrim Northern Ireland. Formed in October 2007 the guys played their first gig only two days later in Belfast to rave reviews. Ex drummer Phil left during the summer of 2008, shortly after Deano and Darzo were joined by Bassist Emma and then at the end of 2008 new drummer Paul took his seat in the band. The band are back better than ever and will be gigging throughout Ireland in 2009 before heading to the studio later in the year to record new material.

    On the 2nd of April 2008 the band finished their first professional EP "Happy Daze" featuring five songs. The tracks were recorded at Start Together Studios by producers Ben McAuley and Barret Lahey.

    [size=24:5e159fca4d][b:5e159fca4d][color=cyan:5e159fca4d]IMadeThis,[/color:5e159fca4d][/b:5e159fca4d] [url=http://www.myspace.com/imadethis]myspace.com/imadethis[/url][/size:5e159fca4d]
    Ciaran Harrigan, Nathan Murray and Jay Dickson - three young, likeminded musicians based in Derry, Northern Ireland who are determined to push the boundaries of modern music by fusing technology with ball crunching, head shaking, chorus chanting sensibilities.

    Having each cut their teeth in various musical collaborations previously it was logical that the synergy would lead to a collaboration. That collaboration is imadethis.
    Their live shows have been described variously as "Pushing the sonic envelope", "..a white knuckle rollercoaster ride" and "fucking amazing!!".

    In late 2008 - having written and rehearsed solidly for the preceding eight months - they went to the studio to record four tracks to give people a taster of where they're at and where they're headed. The end result was the four track "Tiny little robots" EP.
    Regional airplay of the title track brought the band to the attention of veteran PR guru Steve Anderson - a stalwart of the US underground, punk and metal scenes who now handles all press and media relations for the band.

    2009 sees the band stepping up a gear with plans to record and release more tracks from their extensive repertoire in various formats, new hook ups and a renewed hunger for gigs.

    [size=24:5e159fca4d][b:5e159fca4d][color=cyan:5e159fca4d]blue line Paradox,[/color:5e159fca4d][/b:5e159fca4d] [url=http://www.myspace.com/bluelineparadox]myspace.com/bluelineparadox[/url] [/size:5e159fca4d]
    blue line Paradox: preform with a soaring energy, delivered as a punch of harmonies. Their songs are filled with an arsenal of volume and velocity.... taking influences from Fightstar, 36 Crazyfists and Deftones while their riot of rhythms, and montage of different moods create their own sound.