1. avatar Bileofwood
    I have a GNX4 by Digitech. It's bloody great, I have managed to model my ideal guitar sound.

    I can then take the pedal along to any practise or gig and plug it into the PA and have that exact sound, crystal clear.

    Thing is, the GNX4 still costs way over 300 and is about 5 years old.

    Does anyone else know of any other similar boards out there that can be plugged stright into the PA that don't cost the Earth? What is the Line 6 line like? I recently bought a Digitech RP90 http://www.dv247.com/invt/49618/ which is designed to go through a PA or amp (and has a button on the back which you can press depending on what it is plugged into) but the effects quality is low.

    The other guitarist in my band wants to come through the PA like me, so we can get a more coherent sound, and he's looking at spending about 130 or so. Second hand would be ideal. Anyone know anything about these bits of kit?
  2. avatar Ashley
    I used to have a GNX3 until a few of the footswitches started giving up on me and moved over to the Line6 POD X3 about a year ago.

    The tones on the Line6 are a lot better than what I used to get from the GNX (although I've never used the GNX4) so I would recommend going for one of those. The POD X3 is still about 300, but you could probably pick up the older XT model for a lot cheaper. It's essentially the same as the X3, but with a few less amp models and effects (which i think you can buy from the website and load onto the pedal).

    The only downside to the PODs are that the pitch shifting effects are terrible! There's also no built in recorder/looper like on the GNX
  3. avatar gared
    What about the Boss GT-8? I'm sure you could pick one up on eBay second hand. All the amp models sound pretty decent and once you get into it programming it is easy.