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    The Mal Funktion Room is a new monthly jam night being run in aid of the South African music based charity - Music for Africa . It is hosted by a five piece house band consisting of Kinnego Flux members Brian Greene and David Baxter on rhythm section, Mike McGlade and Cormac Brown on horns and local guitar player Alan Sproule.

    The night will be a blend of energetic funk, fusion and soul with bluesy overtones and an undercurrent of granular synthesis, served on a wall of abstract films and visuals.

    The Mal Funktion Room cordially invite guest vocalists, drummers, percussionists, pianists, guitarists/bassists players, brass/woodwind players, ragga mcs, interpretive dancers, visual artists and electronic musicians to join in the fun and help raise money for charity.

    Feel free to get in touch via filariahead@hotmail.com or else turn up on the night and we can sort something out.

    Black Box @ 8.30pm
    3 in for Music For Africa

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    AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH. Funkin missed it again didn't I? When's the next one and I'll tattoo it on my head!
  6. avatar Mal Funktion
    Today is wednesday !!

    Its tonight, come on down leek!
  7. avatar Mal Funktion
    Cheers for everyone that came down, and to everyone that participated too, was a great night. That guy from Chris London was a ridiculous singer and MC!
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    Why am I such a muppet? :smt021