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    JD SET presents

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    "The best music makes the colours start firing in your brain," says Dan Black. "That's what I always aimed for when I was writing these songs." As the kaleidoscopic future-pop of Un proves, he repeatedly hit his target. Seldom has an album twisted so thrillingly through so many styles, nor over-flowed with so much melody and feeling. Little wonder that Black is being tipped by the world's critics and bloggers as one of 2009's Most Likely To. Nor that Radio 1 have quickly playlisted his first proper single, the driving celebration of desire and loneliness that is Alone.Un is a pop record inspired as much by Black's love for the "transcendent, emotional wonder" of acts like Nick Drake and Sigur Ros as it is fuelled by his passion for the hip hop production of J Dilla, Flying Lotus and the Timbaland. Its songs flit seamlessly from throbbing electro to heart-tearing strings, and from plaintive acoustic guitar strums to shuddering hip hop beats. Black is the man whose yearning voice you'll hear singing Un's literate tales of "intense states of being, be they extraordinarily happy or extraordinarily hard". But he's also the abundantly talented chap who wrote, played, programmed and produced every last note of it. He even handles all of his own artwork and videos (they're very good too).

    TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB are 3 people with the help of technology and a thirst for anything quirky. If you were to pose the question, “Where do Two Door Cinema Club live?” and someone was to answer, “Why, Bangor!” That someone would only be 66.67% correct because Two Door Cinema Club are a Bangor/Donaghadee based electro pop band. An obvious absence in the rhythm department is humbly filled by an unadulterated Macintosh and the electronic thump from the fourth imperceptible member goes hand in hand with the electro/pop direction. Their music has been loosely compared to the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Broken Social Scene but without a definitive capacity to be pigeon-holed. Melodic vocals, which hail from all three members of the outfit, infuse with guitar riffs that have been described as “oceanic” and rhythm described as “pulsing”. To get the symbolism out of the way, take your seats; it’s going to be a blockbuster!

    Venue: Spring and Airbrake

    When: Thursday 7th May



    www.myspace.com/danblacksound www.myspace.com/twodoorcinemaclub
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    We are running a wee competition for some guests passes! The first few people to get back with an answer to this question, WINS!!

    David Gedge will be the special guest/compare for this leg of the JD Set tour, which band did he play in???

    email all answers to info@cdcleisure.com
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    Running times:

    Doors 8pm

    Camogie Lovers- 8:30

    Two Door Cinema - 9:30

    Dan Black- 10:30